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10 Amazing Antiaging Oils For Healthier And Younger Looking Skin

Ageing is a part of nature and no one has been an exception to it. In human race, ageing causes many hormonal changes as well as changes in metabolism which in turn will have its effects on the skin and hair making it dry, rough and unhealthy. Apart from its physical effects, it has also been taking a toll on self-confidence of the person.

But in this age, one doesn’t have to worry about it anymore. With a lot of research, it has been found that one of the most natural methods to redeem the skin and make it ageing proof is applying the necessary oils to it for nourishment on regular bases. Among various oils available, here are 10 amazing anti- ageing oils for healthier and younger looking skin:

1. Pomegranate Seed Oil:

It consists of many anti- ageing properties, one of which is containing a very high content of vitamin C that will control the building of Sebum that is secreted by the skin, one of the main reason for causing pimples.
It also increases the life span of the cell that are involved in skin that is damaged. Thus, repairing the damage and making the skin moisturised.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

2. Lavender Oil:

It is one of the most essential oil, since it contains rare anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties that increases the blood circulation thought skin which would in turn enlarge the supply of oxygen to the cells. That would aid the skin by making it thick and rash free. It will also make the skin healthy.

Lavender Oil

3. Olive Oil:

Thought olive oil cannot be used for reducing stretch marks and to treat dry skin. It has a very significant part in moisturizing the skin by scaling down the skin irritation
The presence of vitamin E, polyphenols and Phyto sterols guards the skin from pre-mature ageing. It is one of the significant reasons why it is a common ingredient in many soaps and cosmetics.

Olive Oil

4. Jojoba Oil:

It has a deep penetrating power which allows it to go through the skin and dissolve all the sebum which is being secreted by the skin which will result in clearing out blockage. It even prevents from acne formation. This will be due to the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin E in jojoba oil. Also, its anti-bacterial properties keep the bacterial growth in check and smoothens an irritated skin.

Jojoba Oil

5. Almond Oil:

It has a high Vitamin A content in it which when used for making a natural scrub, will remove black heads and deeply conditions the skin making it immune to future acne. Application of it on regular bases will protect you from the damages caused by the UV radiations and helps you keep your skin smooth and maintain its moisture. This is possible due to the presence of vitamin E which also reduces dark circles upon its application overnight.

Almond Oil

6. Coconut Oil:

Apart from its cooking benefits, coconut oil acts as natural antibacterial oil which on gentle application over skin will make it really moisturised. Its unique quality is that it doesn’t make the skin oily. Unlike many other oils which do that, it instead makes the skin hydrated and smooth. It also clears away the dirt and dead cells by penetrating deep within. Hence, making you attain your clean, glowing and hydrated skin.

Coconut Oil

7. Sesame Seed Oil:

Sesame seed oils are rich in several minerals. This makes it rich in antioxidants. It gets absorbed easily and the skin I’m nourished from deep within, repairing the damaged cells and improving the blood circulation thus, making your skin cells more alive and glow. It can be applied over night for a more prominent result and for a smooth and clear skin every morning.

 Sesame Seed Oil

8. Argan Oil:

Care should be taken and Argan oil should be kept away from direct sun since it is highly reactive. Also, It can be used carefully for everyday purpose to treat dry skin like your heels and to reduce acne. It works great with your wrinkles too, slowly reducing them. It can be used along with a face pack or also for massaging your whole body.

Argan Oil

9. Sandalwood Oil:

It is one of the essential oil which can deal with irritated skin, rashes and acne. It’s anti-septic properties will reduce the acne and aids it eventually. Sandalwood Oil can be mixed with coconut oil or olive oil in case you have a sensitive skin. Since, sandalwood oil can get hard on your skin.

Sandalwood Oil

10. Lemon Oil:

It changes your tired looking skin to more of a fresh and just woke up look because of its detoxifying nature. In case you have oil skin, this Lemon oil is your best remedy as it reduces excessive oil on the skin. It also helps in reducing rough patches in the skin as it contains rich content of Vitamin C in it which is a necessary component for a fresh and healthy skin thus, making your skin look a lot younger.

 Lemon Oil


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