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10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Banana

Red banana is a variant of banana having a red to purple coloured skin with the inner flesh being somewhat pink to cream in colour. They resemble the normal banana however they are bit more plump and soft as well as they tend to be sweeter than the normal yellow coloured banana. Talking about its manner of consumption, the red banana can be eaten raw, you can cook them as well; red bananas are also available in dried form at the stores. Let us now talk about the various health benefits which the red banana has to offer.

Let Us Glance Through The Top 10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Red Banana:

1. Healthy Snacking – Low Calories And Filing:

Snacking is not necessarily a bad habit, with the right food items you can make it healthy as well. Red bananas are a good option of healthy snacking; reason behind this being that they are low in calories as well as very filling. They are easy to carry along and you can easily control those hunger pangs with these wonder bananas as they are very healthy too. Instead of binging on some chips or junk food, the best way is to grab a red banana for the unexpected hunger calls. You can also carry the dried form of them if that is more convenient.[1]

Healthy Snacking – Low Calories And Filing

2. Rich Source Of Potassium:

Potassium is one of the essential nutrients which our bodies require and they are present in fruits and vegetables. Red bananas are excellent source of potassium; this helps in keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Potassium is one of the essential elements needed by the body and red banana helps in maintaining its levels.[2]

Rich Source Of Potassium

3. Contains Phytochemicals And Antioxidants:

Red bananas are known to be a rich source of phytochemicals which comes from its colour; they are also known to be rich in antioxidants. These properties make them a superfood for patients suffering from cancer as these phytochemicals and antioxidants help against the effects of cancer. Even for a normal person without any diseases these agents are very beneficial and they keep the body healthy.[3]

Contains Phytochemicals And Antioxidants

4. Beta Carotene:

Red bananas are rich in beta carotene which comes mostly from its pigments. Beta carotene helps in keeping your eyes healthy. Regular consumption of red bananas supplies a constant amount of beta carotene which protects your eyes against various problems like eye infections, glaucoma, retinopathy and so on.[4]

Beta Carotene

5. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is known to have numerous benefits; it helps keep the skin young and glowing, it reduces gum problems, helps reduce body toxins, supplies antioxidants and so on. Red bananas are rich in Vitamin C and thus is a source of all the above mentioned health benefits.[5]

Vitamin C

6. Instant Energy Source:

Red bananas have the right amount of sugar, fibre, nutrition. This makes them an ideal candidate for providing energy. Thus for people having a hectic stressful routine or those who perform strenuous works, consuming red bananas is the best approach as it is a perfect source of energy. This property also benefits people suffering from diabetes; consuming a small red banana gives them an instant source of energy in cases thus preventing low blood glucose levels.[6]

Instant Energy Source

7. Contains Right Amount Of Carbohydrates:

Our normal diet contains maximum percentage of carbohydrates; however, care must be taken to consume healthy complex carbohydrates and not the one present in refined flour or processed rice. For those who are trying to lose weight eating red bananas is a good option of carbohydrate source. This is because it contains the right balance of good carbohydrates and nutrition. This prevents over eating and keeps the stomach full thus helping in maintaining a diet and subsequent weight loss.[7]

Contains Right Amount Of Carbohydrates

8. Good Source Of Fibre:

Along with ideal amounts of carbohydrates, glucose and other essential nutrients, the red banana also contains adequate levels of fibre. This makes it a balanced food item supplying all the essential nutrition. Good fibre levels makes the gut and digestion smooth and healthy.[8]

Good Source Of Fibre

9. Good Food For Haemorrhoids:

Red bananas are rich in fibre and are also rich in laxative properties. They help in improving the intestinal system and digestion process thereby easing up the excretion process. These factors are good for those suffering from fibroids or haemorrhoids. Thus red banana is a very healthy and beneficial food item for people suffering from haemorrhoids.[9]

10. Helps Keep A Check On BP:

Since red bananas are rich in potassium they improve the heart related processes. These include healthy and within range blood pressure levels, a good hearth rhythmic cycle, healthy pumping efficiency and so on.[10]

Helps Keep A Check On BP

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