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10 Amazing High Protein Vegetables You Should Start Eating

You must have heard it at least a couple of times from all the elders in your house that you should stop on eating those junk foods and include healthy & “green leafy vegetables” to your diet. As irritating as it might sound but yes they are correct this time. If you want to be fit internally and outside, you need to include a couple of vegetables to your daily diet chart. These vegetables provide not one but numerous health benefits for which you will definitely thank us later.

Though junk foods have no additional benefits and pros other than its delicious taste but let us face it guys, we all cannot bear complete avoidance of these junk food but we can surely do one thing and that is to minimize the frequency of its intake in our body. Although you might have heard the names of all these vegetables & there never ending list of benefits from your parents but please bear it from our side for one more time. After reading this article you would know about 10 amazing high-protein vegetables you should start eating today:

1. Peas:

Peas are one of those ingredients and veggies that can be added to other veggies to make its taste better. Peas are on number 1 in the list of top 10 vegetables with high amount of protein. Not only protein but peas are also rich in many minerals, zinc and Vitamin A that helps in regulating your blood flow.[1]


2. Spinach:

If you are on your diet and avoiding food with high fat levels then add spinach to your diet chart. Spinach is known as the one of the best vegetables known for its amazing ability to avoid trans fat and helps with obesity. Spinach has low fat and all the Vitamins; A B C E and K.[2]


3. Mushrooms:

Mushrooms are so easy to grow and you would never find any vegetable market to be without mushrooms. Mushrooms are great source of protein so if you are on work out and yoga then mushroom is one of the best vegetables to be included in your meal plan to help you grow better and be in a better shape.[3]


4. Broccoli:

All you fitness freak, pay attention to this one! Broccoli is a great source of protein and if you are a fitness freak who is also a vegan or a vegetarian then broccoli will add a sufficient amount of protein to your body. Broccoli also has a high amount of Vitamin C that helps in digestion and recycling inside your body.[4]


5. Sprouts:

Sprouts are an amazing vegetable to be added to your breakfast. It is a light one with an amazing amount of fibre and protein. Say bye-bye to all your junk foods and add sprouts to your meal plan and see amazing results in your body and skin. Having high content of Vitamin A C and K, sprouts offer lots of pros to your body.[5]


6. Corns:

A healthy skin is not only a result of those high end products but also is affected by a good intake of healthy foods. Corns not only has a good amount protein in it but also is a major anti oxidant that helps in flushing out all the toxins from your body. Add corns to your meal plan to see amazing results in your body and skin.[6]


7. Asparagus:

With a high quantity of zinc and Vitamin A, C, K and B6 in it, Asparagus is a great vegetable to be added to your lunch meals. Often you might have felt nap-prone after having a heavy lunch. Asparagus is a light vegetable that has a great amount of protein in it for you to be benefitted by it.[7]


8. Kale:

In summers if you feel a little bit uncomfortable and warm from inside then Kale is a vegetable that you need to add to your daily meal plan. Kale has amazing anti inflammatory properties in it along with a high quantity of protein that not only helps you in your body built but also in removing harsh toxins from your body.[8]


9. Artichokes:

Fatty acid and cholesterol? If these problems sound familiar to you then you should add artichokes to your daily diet and see its amazing benefits in eliminating these two from your body and giving impending benefit of relief.[9]


10. Soya Beans:

These magical beans are rich in protein and Vitamin B. If you are facing a problem in digestion then you must eat soya bean every alternate day if not daily and this will help you a lot in getting your digestion on track.[10]

Soya Beans

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