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10 Amazing Uses Of Peppermint Essential Oil


Before heading straight into the topic, one needs to know exactly what is peppermint? It’s indeed a form of mint that is originally produced by clubbing watermint and spearmint. In other words, it’s simply a hybrid form of mint. Peppermint can usually be found in many moist places and was first discovered in the year 1753 by Carl Linnaeus. This peppermint is highly stuffed with menthol content apart from many other little constituents. This is popularly known for the preparation of many mint candies and desserts.


This Article Vividly Features The List Of Some Awesome Benefits That Can Be Acquired By The Usage Of Peppermint Oils:

1. Pain Killer:

Peppermint oil has many analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties that are known to tackle many severe aches. Indeed many of the methods that can be useful to reduce the pains aren’t yet found out by medical science but scientists do believe that the oil has a high tendency of driving these aches away. These pains and aches include the ones associated with muscles, stomach, headaches etc. where a few ounces of this oil can assist the situation in an exquisite manner.

Pain Killer

2. Improve The Quality Of  Your Body Wash:

Many of the doctors suggest their patients to add around two to three drops of peppermint oil in shampoos and conditioners so that it can be a lot of help in making the nerve cells more active. In other words, it activates your brain to the maximum extent soon after your bath with which one can proceed with the daily activities in a more efficient and energetic way than the usual. Also the oil assist a lot in shattering the dandruff away and many reports further suggest that Peppermint oil can be highly helpful in killing the lice that are popularly known to irritate and generate troublesome situations.

Improve The Quality Of  Your Body Wash

3. Reduce Itching Sensation:

It’s always advisable to apply around two to three drops of peppermint oil during the occurrence of rashes, however it shouldn’t be applied directly. It’s always better to mix it with lavender oil and apply at the spot to generate some sort of cooling effect around the wound or rash. Also by following this procedure, the itching sensation may soon vanish as the germs causing such irritation will soon be killed upon the application of the oil and this suggestion actually helps many of the readers who actually suffer a lot with the regular advent of rashes and skin diseases on their bodies.

Reduce Itching Sensation

4. Reduces Cancer:

It is a well-known fact that many oils such as lavender, eucalyptus and chamomile are popularly used duirng cancer where the first one is originally used to relieve stress while the latter ones that cites and keeps many diseases away as they are known for their anti-bacterial properties. Peppermint oil can also be counted one among them though it’s the most underrated one and hardly known to many of the readers. This oil is used as a stimulant that always keeps you alert at times and even boost your energy levels if required. Hence this oil does play a prominent role during in reducing the suffering levels of cancer.

Reduces Cancer

5. Cure of Sinus:

Sinus congestion can make the suffering person a lot uncomfortable than the usual and this must be quite properly taken care in order to get rid of some unwanted complications. In this context, essential oils can be highly helpful and can feature to be the best among the available natural alternatives to synthetic medicines. Especially, peppermint oil is well known for its sinus curing ability. However if one has chronic sinus congestion due to nasal polyps or narrow nasal passages, surgery is a must which has to be noted.

Cure of Sinus

6. ADHD Support:

Many scientists do believe that upon applying peppermint oil on your forehead, activates the brain cells on a large scale and hence it is highly advisable to all the parents that if their children are gently massaged with peppermint oil before they study or do some important activity, the output would be more efficient. This is because the effect of this oil would be more in children, however the adult ones need not think twice if they are a bit stressed and can simply opt for choosing this oil over others.

ADHD Support

7. Bug Repellent:

This is the most commonly known use of peppermint oil and in many places, it is indeed used as the prime choice for killing bugs. This is indeed known to be the most effective mosquito repellent of all time and many researches prove that by applying just one tenth part of a milliliter of this oil can prevent the action of mosquitoes for more than an hour. This can be highly help for the ones who are constantly suffering with the advent of mosquitoes.

Bug Repellent

8. Reduce Nausea:

Just by rubbing 2-3 drops of this oil behind the ears can be one of the best ways to reduce nausea that is induced by chemotherapy. Even some studies have evidently proved that this mode of reducing nausea can pop out to be a lot worthy at times also more than many other standard medical approaches.

Reduce Nausea

9. Toothache:

Peppermint oil consists of a huge quantity of methanol that can vanish the toothaches away. It has to be equally mixed with coconut oil and gently applied on the area where the aches are irritating considerably. This further helps in strengthening the gums and reduce the bleeding to the maximum possible extent.


10. Fades Out Allergies:

One best method to bid a good bye to many allergies and allergy causing germs is the use of peppermint oil. Some pure quantity of this oil essentially around 2-4 drops must be inhaled once in a day to experience many positive results concerned with allergies. However it can also be added to a cup of tea or water or any other relevant fluid that’s a part of our regular diet.

Fades Out Allergies

Also there are numerous other benefits of using this oil where it is well known for curing bronchitis, sport, cough, cold in a more efficient way and all these reasons collectively make it one of the best natural medication that has to be included in our routine.



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