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10 Amazingly Effective Face Mask For Distressed Skin

Skin is one of the most integral and important part of our body which requires care and nourishment. This amazing organ of the body gives grace and glory to our personality. In today’s rapid and quick moving life, people get very less time to care and nourish the skin. But just a few or monthly visit to the salon is not going to give you that adorable and gorgeous skin. If due to lack of proper care and beauty regime you are facing the issues of dry, itchy, rough dull or lifeless skin, you must follow the natural or home remedies to return your skin its charm and glow. The home made masks with natural and promising ingredients would simply repair your distressed skin and would nourish it with important minerals making it look shiny, smooth and youthful. Here are some of the most promising and high impact masks which would make your skin refreshing and gorgeous again!

1. Rose Water And Glycerin Mask

Both these ingredients are natural and simply flawless. Rose water repairs the damaged skin and makes it smooth and super shiny while glycerin provides needed nourishment and softness to the skin. Prepare an amazing and miraculous mask of these ingredients and use it daily on your skin for cool results. You can apply this mask before going to bed or anytime in the day and get flourishing results.

Rose Water And Glycerin Mask

2. Saffron And Milk Mask

The nourishing and moisturizing properties of milk would get your skin more brighter, smoother and velvety soft. If you have patchy, dull and lifeless skin, go for this amazing mask which would return the glory and brightness of your skin within few applications. Saffron too is rich with skin brightening and tightening properties which would get you adorable skin! Mix some saffron strands with milk and apply this mixture n your skin for adorable and smooth skin!

Saffron And Milk Mask

3. Banana Honey Mask

Bananas make the skin super smooth, shiny and dazzling while honey adds some extra shine and softened to the skin. If you have wracked, lifeless and dull skin, apply this cool and redefining ask on your skin and make it look refreshing. Mix some banana pate and honey and apply it over your skin. Leave for 15-20 minutes and rinse. This would surely get you adorable skin in no time!

Banana Honey Mask

4. Strawberry Mask For Blushing Pink Skin

If you want some extra char and natural glow in your skin, you must try this hilarious and redefining mask which would simply make your skin look blissful, iconic and totally mesmerizing. Mix some strawberry pulp and cream and apply this refreshing and rejuvenating mask on your skin for cool results. Regular application of this mask would get you youthful and stunning skin!

Strawberry Mask For Blushing Pink Skin

5. Fuller’s Earth Mask

Fuller’s earth is filled with some refreshing and soothing elements which would make your skin smooth, glorious and beautiful instantly. This amazing mask would get your skin all the nourishment and moisture and would also fight greasiness or oiliness. Mix some fuller’s earth and water and apply this cool and soothing paste over your skin. Leave it for 15-0 minutes and then rinse. This amazing pack would work wonders on your skin especially during summers and would get you flawless skin!

Fuller’s Earth Mask

6. Honey Lemon Juice Mask

If you have patchy, dark, dull and lifeless skin, go for this super stunning and nourishing mask which would get you rid of all the skin issues. Mix some honey and lemon juice and apply this glorious mask over your skin regularly. The acidic properties of lemon would get you a brighter and even toned complexion and hone your moisturize your skin with softness and shine!

7. Aloe Vera Mask

If you want a refreshing, soft, supple and charming skin, you must try using this cool and high impact mask which would simply nourish your skin. Get some fresh aloe vera gel and massage this cool and soothing gel on your skin. This gel would nourish your skin while fighting spots, patchiness, dullness, oiliness etc and would get you adorable skin! Try this mask and you would get your youthful and mesmerizing skin back in no time!

Honey Lemon Juice Mask

8. Pomegranate Face Mask

Pomegranate is an amazing fruit filled with skin enriching and enhancing properties which would never fail to get you adorable and super shiny skin. This amazing mask with pomegranate and honey would make our skin smooth and fairer. Mix some pomegranate juice and honey and apply it on your skin for blushing and pretty skin!

Pomegranate Face Mask

9. Beetroot Mask

Want a refreshing and glorious skin just like the adorable beetroots? Go for this cool beetroot mask and get pink, refreshing, blissful and youthful skin in no time! Mix some beetroot juice and milk and apply this paste on your skin. Surely you would love the results!

Beetroot Mask

10. Turmeric, Milk And Chickpea Flour Mask

This cool and refreshing mask would get you amazing skin. Mix some turmeric, chickpea flour and milk and apply this on the skin. Also you can bath with this mixture and make your skin glow and shine! This is one of the masks which would make your skin upper smooth and glorious within fewer applications!

Turmeric, Milk And Chickpea Flour Mask

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