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10 Benefits Of Zucchini For Skin Hair And Health

Zucchini is a light to dark greenish in colour and is also referred to as gourd marrow. It is also available in vibrant yellow colour in some geographies – for e.g. Netherlands. Some consider it a vegetable other take it as a fruit. Zucchini plant has beautiful yellow coloured flowers. It is widely used in food preparations in a variety of cuisines.

Zucchini can be cooked and eaten or consumed raw as a salad. Different geographies have different preparations for zucchini but one sure thing is that this vegetable is highly consumed all across the globe. Talking about its nutritional values, zucchini is rich in folic acid which is nothing but vitamin B 12, potassium, vitamins etc. Zucchini is also very famously used to make health version of pasta which is a low carb healthy substitute for pasta. Zucchini sure is a very versatile and nutritious vegetable; let us now talk about its various benefits on our skin hair and health overall.

1. Improves Blood Levels:

Zucchini is rich in folic acid and folate; these elements are responsible for maintaining the quality and quantity of your red blood cells. Thus regular consumption of zucchini is advisable for people suffering from anaemia or any other blood related health issue. It also helps in increasing the haemoglobin levels which is very beneficial for our body. Zucchini also helps in keeping a check on the other blood parameters like neutrophils, WBCs, platelet factors etc.[1]

Improves Blood Levels

2. Reduces Hair Fall:

Zucchini is a rich source of vitamins which indirectly makes our scalp skin healthy thereby preventing hair fall. A good haemoglobin level is also a must for healthy hair; thus regular consumption of zucchini reduces hair fall and helps in healthy hair growth. Regular inclusion of zucchini in diet also helps fight against flay scalp, itching and dandruff problems.[2]

Reduces Hair Fall

3. Helps Fight Pigmentation:

Pigmentation of our skin is mainly due to something called as melanin. Eating zucchini or even simply applying its juice on your skin helps in fighting against pigmentation caused by melanin. Zucchini helps to reduce pigmentation of the skin and also reduces blemishes and other marks. It is also believed that zucchini helps to reduce under eye dark circles. The high amounts of magnesium also contribute here.[3]

Helps Fight Pigmentation

4. Reduces Acne:

Zucchini helps to fight against skin infections and skin bacteria. This ultimately reduce the build-up of bacteria on your skin thereby preventing acne spurts and keeping your skin healthy. You will avail these benefits by either eating zucchini or applying its juice all over the affected area.[4]

Reduces Acne

5. Helps Increase In Collagen Levels:

Zucchini is rich source of vitamin C and it helps increase the collagen levels of our skin. Collagen helps in maintaining the tightness of your skin, keeping it free of fine lines and wrinkles.[5]

Helps Increase In Collagen Levels

6. Delays Ageing/ Premature Ageing Process:

Since zucchini helps increase collagen levels it helps in delaying ageing. Regular consumption of zucchini helps in increasing the collagen levels thus contributing to avoid premature skin ageing. The ageing process of our skin is delayed thus paving way for a glowing healthy youthful skin.[6]

Delays Ageing/ Premature Ageing Process

7. Improves Digestion:

Zucchini is very rich in fibre content; when consumed as a salad before meals it helps improve digestion. A good digestion system is a sure sign of good health. Hence it is advisable to include zucchini in your regular salad menu for best effects. In case you don’t prefer eating it as a salad, even the juice of zucchini can be consumed for beneficial results on improved digestion[7]

Improves Digestion

8. Helps In Weight Loss:

Zucchini is very low in calorie content. However, due to its fibre content it becomes very filling. This might help those who are trying to lose weight. You could eat zucchini in any preferred form in order to fight any anxious hunger pangs. It is one of the best candidates of diet food.[8]

Helps In Weight Loss

9. Improves Metabolism:

Zucchini helps in increasing our body’s metabolism. This means the fat is burned down with ease and this further benefits with weight loss. It is also believed that regular consumption of zucchini helps in maintaining a good BMI and also improves the hormonal levels of our body.[9]

Improves Metabolism

10. Keeps Eyes Healthy:

Zucchini is rich in vitamin B12, vitamin C and other essential nutrients and micronutrients. It also improves your blood profile values. All these factors contribute in keeping our eyes healthy. The green pigment of zucchini is especially beneficial for maintaining the eye health. You can either consume raw zucchini or make a mixed vegetable juice along with other vegetables like carrot, beet etc. for best results. The key for these benefits is regular consumption.[10]

Keeps Eyes Healthy

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