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10 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety And Depression

Scents have a strong influence on our mood and mental state. Essential oils are elusive oils that consist of perfumed particles that are capable to navigate the blood/brain obstruction. That is why they are able to directly influence the brain parts that act to control anxiety, depression, fear and stress.

There are numerous Essential Oils obtainable that will help you to comfort symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression. People have personal interests regarding the flavors of scents. Some are soothing and relaxing while some are very pungent and gives a head ache but those too are preferred by some. You must use the scent that suits your preference and comfort.

1. Bergamot:

Bergamot has a very exhilarating scent that elevates the spirit and relaxes depression, pain, sadness and anxiety. This oil is an anti depressant and if you inhale it you are sure to feel happy and the blood circulation that is improved will reduce your feeling of sadness. It helps digestion. Bergamot helps you to manage symptoms of stress and sleep better in the nights. It helps to reduce elevated blood pressure. It also has the quality of removing marks and scars on the skin. It aids in the distribution of the skin pigments and gives an even tone to your skin.[1]


2. Basil:

Elevating and rejuvenating scent that performs against depression, anxiety and fatigue. This oil has a revitalizing effect if it is smelled or absorbed. It is used in the treatment of mental fatigue, tension, depression, melancholy and migraines. Aromatherapy uses this essential oil for its pacifying quality. Its use elevates blood circulation and it this increases and also optimizes many metabolic activities.[2]


3. Clary Sage:

Clary Sage will help with sleeplessness, depression and anxiety. Clary Sage oil helps to raise your self esteem, hope, mental capacity and confidence that helps to fight depression effectively. Depression that is caused after career failure or a personal loss or loneliness, insecurity and many other mental analysis.[3]

Clary Sage

4. Frankincense:

One of the perfect essential oils to slack down your respiring that aids to minimize perception of anxiety, nervous tension, fear and stress. It decreases the symptoms of depression as it contains sesquiterpenes that helps to balance emotions and hormones. It performs to elevate oxygenation of the pituitary glands and the pineal glands that are found in the brain that allows optimal balance of the hormones that regulate emotions. It stimulates your mind and helps to improve clarity of your mental status and optimal brain performance.[4]


5. Geranium:

It performs as a natural soporific to elevate the spirit and discharge negative emotions. It performs greatly to pacify the symptoms of stress and depression. This oil regulates the nervous system and can relax fear and anxiety. Its scent gives a positivity that helps to pacify the mind and regain emotional tranquility.[5]


6. Lemon:

Lemon has a very refreshing fragrance and has elevating and cleansing quality. It aids to overcome adverse feelings, depression and stress and encourages your prerogative.[6]


7. Lavender:

Lavender is a real antidote for everyone. It cures all types of cephalalgia and migraine, nervousness, fear, depression, anxiety, hypertension and also insomnia. Lavender has a very relaxing and calming impact on the mind and body.[7]

8. Sandalwood:

Sandalwood has a very comforting, soothing effect that has tranquillizing properties that will aid you to alleviate tension and to fight the stress.[8]


9. Ylang-Ylang:

Ylang-Ylang has a calming smell that balances female and male vigor. Its perfume helps regain equilibrium and confidence and it can be expended to cure anxiety, depression and insomnia.[9]


10. Patchouli:

Patchouli oil can help to mitigate depression. A warm calming bath is a good remedy for a stressed out day and by adding some drops of patchouli oil to the bath will help to alleviate stress and cure depression.[10]


Add some drops to the diffuser and use it all day long to elevate your spirit and calm your mind. Use it during the night also before going to sleep so that you have a much relaxed night sleep and relax your mind and body. You may also add a few drops of Essential oil to your pillow or cushion that will inhale even while you sleep.

You may inhale the essential oil by taking one or two drops of the essential oil of your preference on your palms and brush them on each other spreading the oil on the palms. Keep your palms over the nose and take deep inhalation from 4 to 6 times slowly that will relieve stress anxiety and depression. You may take two or four drops of essential oil on a ball of cotton and take it in a ziplock bag and keep it in your purse or handbag or you can take the essential oil bottle with you and smell it whenever you need.

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