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10 Different Saffron Face Masks You Should Try At Home

One simple question “How should I get flawless skin?” and thousands of answers! It doesn’t matter if you’re asking Google or grandma the list of suggestion will be the same and it will add another thousand to your search list on the basis of your skin type and it is really very frustrating and confusing to select ingredients among all of them, especially for the girl like me who is always confused! So, here I have that one perfect ingredient Saffron, which can give you flawless, glowing & lighten skin tone no matter if you have oily or dry or sticky skin type. Saffron works amazing for all of us with flexible and yummy mix-match face packs. So girls, here are some the masks which would get you flawless glowing face and make people wonder!

1. Prepare A Face Mask Using Saffron And milk:

If you have dry and rough skin, which makes you feel like desert! Then you must try this easy to prepare skin moisturizing and softening Face mask. Saffron has some amazing ability to go deep inside your dry skin layer and filter it with needed moisture specially when added with milk. Try this mixture 2-3 times a week, just for 15 to 20minutes a day and it will definitely result into noticeable soft and full of life skin.

Prepare A Face Mask Using Saffron And milk

2. Sandalwood And Saffron Face Mask:

Bored of using dark complexion creams and face masks which show zero result, wasting your precious time and steal away the most beautiful smile of you. Take some sandalwood powder add little saffron and rose water. Mix it well and apply it on your face. You can remove the mask after it gets dry. So beautiful, you are all ready to show you’re inside you with beautiful toned and lighten skin. Keep smiling!

Sandalwood And Saffron Face Mask

3. Saffron And Papaya Face Mask:

Work stress! Tiredness, or dull face, this magical face mask will help you in fighting with it without any stress, Easy to make and hard to believe but yes this amazing face mask will give you bright ,fair and smooth skin. Mix a blended piece of papaya and few strands of saffron well. Apply on face for 20 minutes. It will speed up your blood circulation and give you glowing and new born baby like skin.
Saffron And Papaya Face Mask

4. Olive Oil , Coconut Oil And Saffron Mask:

Want youthful wrinkle free and dark circles free skin! Then make a mixture of overnight soaked saffron with few drops of olive oil and coconut oil. Apply the mixture on face using cotton or you can dip a cotton napkin and simply place it on your face for 15 minutes. As a result you will see shinny and 5 years younger skin!

Olive Oil , Coconut Oil And Saffron Mask

5. Sunflower Seed And Saffron Mask:

Vitamin E works best for your skin. Try this amazing pack to make your skin bright and clean. Grind the mixture of sunflower seeds and saffron with few drop of water and apply it on your face for 20 minutes. For best result you can use overnight soaked seeds and saffron. Stay Bright!

Sunflower Seed And Saffron Mask

6. Honey And Saffron Mask:

Mix honey and added saffron strands well. Apply it gently massaging on effected area. Keep the mixture of your face for a few minutes after massaging. Hold your skin moisture and make it scar and blemishes free with the help of this amazing face mask

Honey And Saffron Mask

7. Almond And Saffron Face Mask:

Apply the paste of overnight soaked almond with natural bleaching quality and saffron on face for 15to 20 minutes which will improve your skin complexion and lighten your dark and dull Face.

Almond And Saffron Face Mask

8. Saffron And Basil Face Mask:

This amazing dreamy face mask will remove all your pimples and wounds which are proven nightmares for girls! Make paste of saffron strands and properly grinded basil, apply it on affected area and fight easily with that demonic pimples.

Saffron And Basil Face Mask
9. Saffron And Water Face Mask:

Saffron has some amazing qualities that can give you gorgeous shining face. Mix the water and overnight soaked saffron properly, apply it on your face for 10-15 minutes especially on dark spots. This will make you feel confident, youthful and ready to glow all the time

Saffron And Water Face Mask

10. Saffron And Fullers Earth Face Mask:

Get free from that sticky and oily skin using this amazing face mask. Add little saffron stands and water/ curd to fuller’s earth powder, mix it properly. Now apply it on your face excluding sensitive areas for 20 minutes and see the amazing flawless glowing skin that you cannot resist!

Saffron And Fullers Earth Face Mask

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