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10 DIY Cocoa And Chocolate Masks For All Skin Types

When it comes to cocoa and chocolate, we immediately think of yummy desserts. However, little do you realise that these amazing products are also great nourishing agents for your skin and can be used in multiple ways. They can suit all skin types if you add the right ingredients to them for suiting your skin types.

So Here Are Natural Diy Masks That Would Provide You With A Radiant Glow

1. Tightening Chocolate Mask

For this mask, you need about 50 grams of chocolate or even 10 grams of cocoa works but remember that it should be unsweetened. You can melt the chocolate in the microwave or even use a double boiler. Else, you will have to much of sugar on the face that can be bad for your skin. To this chocolate you can add any other oil of your choice like sweet almond oil. Finally to this, add 2 egg whites, which are known as a natural agent to tighten the skin. Apply this mask even on the neck and face and let it dry. Then gently wash off.


2. Chocolate Fruit Mask For Exfoliation

This mask makes use of chocolates along with an assortment of fruits that provides you with the right balance for your skin. If you have dry skin types then think of either papaya or mango. For oily skin types, using fruits like strawberries and lemon or even orange works here. You can blend the fruit of your choice and add it to about 50 grams of chocolate or 20 grams of cocoa powder. Mix it well. Now apply this on the face and let it stay for about 10 minutes. Then using a bit of warm water, gently massage all over the face. This also helps in exfoliation.


3. Nourishing Chocolate And Cocoa Mask For Very Dry Skin

A lot of people tend to suffer from very dry and flaky skin. The sensitive texture of cocoa or even chocolate really works well for such skin types. To make this mixture you need about 3-4 spoon of melted chocolate or 2 spoons of cocoa powder along with 2 spoons of honey. Both of these ingredients are known to nourish and hydrate dry skin providing it with deep moisturising too. Apply this on the face and spread evenly. Let it dry and then wash off.


4. Sea Salt, Coffee And Cocoa Scrub For Deep Cleansing

This is an exfoliating scrub that again works for all skin types. You need to mix 2 spoons of coarse sea salt along with 1 spoon each of cocoa powder and coffee powder. To bind this together you can either use 1-2 spoons of melted chocolate or even honey or almond oil. Now use this as a scrub and massage all over the face for 5-10 minutes and then let it dry. Finally wash off with warm water.


5. Soothing And Calming Chocolate/ Cocoa Mask

This is a soothing and calming chocolate mask that is ideal for people who are prone to acne and breakouts. For this remedy you need either lavender oil or chamomile oil that are known for their soothing and calming properties. Mix about 20 drops of either oil with some melted chocolate. If using cocoa powder take about 2 spoons of cocoa powder and mix with the oils. Add some water or coconut oil to get the right paste-like consistency.


6. Oatmeal And Chocolate/ Cocoa Moisturising Mask

For this mask, mix about 2 spoons of cocoa powder or 3-4 spoons of melted chocolate with 2 spoons of oatmeal. Let it soak so that oatmeal softens a bit. If using cocoa powder, add some milk to soak it. Then apply all over face and neck for moisturising.


7. Rejuvenating Chocolate Mask

Chocolate is one of the most rejuvenating agents that you can get and thus a popular choice for various kinds of DIY masks. For this pack, you need about 3-4 spoons of melted chocolate or 2 spoons of cocoa powder. To this add a spoon of honey and some rose hip oil. Blend well and apply.


8. Cocoa And Chocolate With Yogurt For Tan

Now get rid of the stubborn tan and lighten skin tone. Mix 2 spoons of yogurt with chocolate melted or even 2 spoons of cocoa powder. Apply all over face and neck.


9. Chocolate With Tea Tree Oil And Lemon For Oily Skin

Take about 3-4 spoons of melted chocolate. To this add 1 spoon each of tea tree oil and lemon juice. Mix well and apply on skin. Wash off when dry.


10. Peanut Or Almond Chocolate Scrub For Dry Skin

This is another great scrub for the face. Mix together crushed peanuts or almonds with some 3-4 spoons of melted chocolate. Now use this to gently scrub the face. Rinse with some warm water.


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