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10 Easy Skin Care Tips To Control Acne Breakouts

Each one of us loves to have that clear glowing skin. And what about those irking pesky pimples and acne? We so hate them, right? Acne is the first big thing we notice in the morning right after we wake up from the bed. They are ugly and red and for many people, they are a complete nightmare. The moment we realize acne breakout on the skin we start thinking of all the possible solutions that help in getting rid of them as soon as possible. In fact, getting rid of acne is not really easy as we think or maybe it is! You might be definitely waiting for a miracle. So, we have listed a few skin care tips which will definitely help in keeping your skin acne free.

Here Are The Top 10 Skin Care Tips That Help Control Acne Breakouts:

1. Cleanse Your Skin:

Cleansing is one of the important steps we have to follow in our regular skin care routine. Even though you are not facing acne issues washing your skin can help remove the dirt and debris from your skin. Less dirt and oil on your skin surface means less acne. However, you need to use a mild cleanser instead of soap for your skin as the former acts gently on your face. Also, wash the face with lukewarm water only as using hot water can damage your skin. Washing your face morning and evening with a good cleanser that suits your skin type can help keep your skin healthy, firm, and beautiful.[1]

Cleanse Your Skin

2. Avoid Poking Your Acne:

Avoid touching or poking your acne-affected areas. Stinging the pimple to get rid of it accentuates the problem instead of solving it. Don’t touch your face very often as it can spread more bacteria which further cause infection and more acne which you definitely don’t want to have. Use hand sanitizer often to keep your hands free from bacteria.[2]

Avoid Poking Your Acne

3. Hydrate Your Skin:

Just because your acne-prone skin has lots of oil to go around that doesn’t mean that its water content, which is essential for a healthy skin is adequate. Also, overuse of oil-fighting creams can leave your skin dry and parched. So, it is essential to keep your skin hydrated. Pick the right skin care product which contains a good formula that contains hydrators which mimic the natural ones, like humectants etc.[3]

Hydrate Your Skin

4. Keep Your Scalp Clean:

To avoid those acne breakouts, you need to keep your scalp clean as well. Dandruff-infested hair is one reason behind aggravating this condition. Shampoo your hair twice every week to avoid dirt from your hair to infect the acne. While acne is not necessarily caused by bad hygiene, it is still better to take good care of your hair and protect it from building up acne on your skin.[4]

Keep Your Scalp Clean

5. Stick To Healthy Eating:

What you eat definitely reflects on your skin. There is no exact study to prove this statement, yet the diet you follow influences the hormones that are responsible for the acne breakouts. Say a big no to high-fat, cholesterol abundant, oily and deep fried foods. Instead include fresh fruits, green smoothies, salads, raw vegetables, fiber-rich foods. Include nuts in your diet as they are high in proteins, omega 3s etc. A healthy diet can help reduce skin inflammation and might reduce acne flare-ups as well. In some cases, avoiding dairy foods can reduce acne breakouts as most of the dairy products are loaded with saturated fats which actually accentuate acne. Once the acne clears up you can start reintroducing them into your diet again.[5]

Stick To Healthy Eating

6. Use Honey:

Honey is one such natural ingredient which helps deal with acne. Applying honey on your skin can help control as well as heal those acne scars. It has antiseptic properties which help heal and soothe the skin. Also, the antioxidants in honey help reduce skin inflammation and make your skin acne-free. Apply honey directly on the acne affected areas and abandon for 10-15minutes. Honey is a natural humectant which not only helps deal with acne but even aids in making your skin soft, supple, and glowing.[6]


7. Pick Products With Salicylic Acid:

Whenever you go through the list of ingredients in the acne products, you often find salicylic acid. In fact, salicylic acid works on plugged pores and comedones. It is a good kind of acid which helps keep your skin clean and removes those dead cells. A cleanser with salicylic acid works great in clearing off whiteheads and blackheads as well and can show great results within a week or two. However, you need to seek your dermatologist’s advice if you are having red and severe acne bumps.[7]

Pick Products With Salicylic Acid

8. Apply Aloe Vera:

Aloe vera is one such amazing natural ingredient which works great in warding off your acne woes to a great extent. It has antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, and several medicinal properties. This is the reason why aloe is used for dealing with acne effectively. Applying aloe vera on your acne-prone skin helps in removing the excess oil, sebum, and dirt on the surface of the skin. Start including it in your face pack recipes for best results.[8]


9. Exfoliate Regularly:

Once or twice a week, start exfoliating your skin with skin-friendly ingredients such as fuller’s earth or gentle fruit enzymes. Exfoliating your skin regularly helps in removing the dirt and debris on the surface of your skin apart from clearing off the dead skin cells and bacteria from accumulating up in the pores. Gently exfoliating your skin using a gentle facial exfoliator should be a must include in your regular skin care routine.[9]

Exfoliate Regularly

10. Be Careful With Your Makeup:

Wearing too much makeup can worsen the acne on your skin. Your skin needs to breathe and putting on lots of products on your skin hinders that. So, better prefer water-based products that are not comedogenic as they won’t block your skin pores. Also, never go to the bed with your makeup on as it can aggravate your acne troubles. Gently cleanse your skin before going to bed and remove every traces of makeup. Also, make sure you use clean makeup brushes.[10]

Be Careful With Your Makeup

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