10 Foods That Reduces Stress



Stress signals all that is going wrong in our lives. Nevertheless, we become easy victims to this all encompassing feeling that leaves us emotionally and physically drained. When the mind gets overwhelmed with complex relationship issues and work deadlines, it presses the panic button and we make an entry into the stressful zone. Yes, we are all too familiar with the symptoms, sweaty palms, rapid heartbeat, dizziness, anxious or racing thoughts, irritability etc. The point is what can be done to control stress because too many stressful situations can be detrimental to the health.  Fortunately for us essential nutrients present in certain foods have been scientifically proven to reduce or control stress. This article lists all those foods that act as great stress busters and therefore should be included in your diet.

 Wallstcheatsheet – 10 Foods that reduces stress


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