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10 Home Remedies for a Mucocele

Mucocele or mucus cyst is a common condition over the skin. Generally this cyst covers the lips and it appears like a lump or big cyst. If a person is suffering through any salivary gland issues, have fallen and bruises the lips, have minor cuts and damages, it can results into mucous cyst. If a person is suffering from this condition, it would appear as a huge cyst and would feel painful. Also it can ooze out some fluid and can cause a lot of inflammation! This condition can worsen while you are eating and speaking as your lips would constantly flip hurting this area! Sometimes, this condition can last for days is spread in a deeper area! Thank to the natural and complete home remedies which can get you rid of this issues in quite some time! The home remedies prove great over this issue and can get you some miraculous results!

Here Are Some Cool Home Remedies You Can Try For Mucocele!

1. Aloe Vera Gel:

This is an amazing soothing and natural element which can get you relief from the pain and inflammation. If your lips feel the burning sensation and itching due to mucocele, you can apply fresh aloe Vera gel on the affected area! This would simply sooth and refreshes your skin making you feel easy![1]

Aloe Vera Gel

2. Honey:

This is a very common and widely preferred ingredient which is used to fight this skin issue! Honey is extremely filled with anti oxidants which can get you great relief over the pain and swelling of the mucocele! Apply some fresh honey over the lips and affected area and regularly use this technique to get rid of the skin issue fast![2]


3. Ice Packs:

What can be more effective and highly beneficial over the swelling and bruises areas? Generally over the affected areas, the blood gets clot and it can cause swelling, burning sensation, itching etch. Ice packs are highly effective on these issues and would never fail to make your skin perfectly repaired![3]

Ice Packs

4. Salt Mouth Wash:

Salt is such an amazing cleansing agent which would never fail to cleanse your mouth amazingly! Due to the liquid oozing out of the mucocele, your mouth can feel greasy, sticky and uncomfortable. In such cases, you can use the salt mouth wash which would cleanse such greasiness and get you clean and clear skin over your lips soon![4]

Salt Mouth Wash

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5. Glycerin Rinse:

This is also on one of the most effective ways to reduce pain, swelling and stickiness over the lips and mouth glycerin is an amazing soothing ingredient which can make your lips fresh and cleansed! You can clean your lips and the affected area with the glycerin cleanser and get flawless results! Try this awesome remedy and get rid of this issue soon!

Glycerin Rinse

6. Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric powder is an ultimate cleansing agent which can simply work miracles on your damaged skin. This cool healing ingredient is filled with anti septic properties which would never fail to make your skin free from the infections and bacteria. Dab some turmeric powder on the mucocele or you can apply thick paste of turmeric powder on the skin to get recovered fast!

Turmeric Powder

7. Castor Oil:

This is a very convenient and easily available kitchen ingredient which can work miracles o your skin! If you have painful sessions with this skin issue, you can apply castor oil on the affected area to get rid of it soon! Castor oil s a refreshing ingredient which can nourish your skin and repair it from such issues soon! Try this and repair your lips quickly!

Castor Oil

8. Lemon Juice:

This citrus rich food would probably help you hinder the side effects and pain due to mucocele! This amazing ingredient with vitamins and citrus would help in fighting the swelling and in expansion of this condition. You can drink lemon juice or can apply fresh lemon juice on the affected area! This would help in repairing the mucocele fast!

 Lemon Juice


9. Tea Tree Oil:

This is one of the coolest ingredients which would never fail to make your skin super smooth and flawless. Filled with cool anti bacterial properties, this amazing ingredient would remove the impurities, bacteria and the elements causing mucocele and would get you rid of this skin issue quickly! Apply the repairing agent tea tree oil on the mucocele and get awesome results!

Tea Tree Oil

10. Yogurt:

This is an amazing kitchen ingredient which can work miracles on your bruises and mucocele! If you are suffering from this issue since long and want some quick remedy to fight it, apply fresh yogurt on the affected area and you would simply love the results! This would repair your skin, get it nourished and reduce the pain and inflammation too!


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