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10 Home Remedies For Ascites

If your body starts accommodating the proteins and fluids in the lower abdomen, this condition can be called as ascites. There are various ideas which can cause the trouble and gathering of such fluids in the abdomen. The general symptoms of this condition can be identified as abdomen pain, loss of appetite, feeling heavy and full in the abdomen, sudden weight gain, low energy etc. these are the symptoms which showcases something is wrong within your abdomen! Generally this condition in the starting phase is not that harmful but in the later stages, it can cause various complications and issue which are quite hard to resolve. For treating this condition with home remedies, here are some cool ingredients which you can use and get rid of this issue. These remedies use all the natural ingredients which can flush out the extra and stored fluids, would get you rid of the metabolism and digestion issues and would prevent you from the side effects of this condition too!

1. Bitter Gourd:

This is a cool natural ingredient which can be used in treating this issue.[1] If you are suffering from this chronic condition, consume bitter gourd. Various symptoms and side effects of this condition can get solved using this amazing ingredient. Get some bitter gourd and remove the skin. Soak it in salt water for few hours and extract the juice. Drink this juice for faster healing! Improve your digestion and appetite with this cool ingredient soon!

Bitter Gourd

2. Garlic

This amazing ingredient filled with anti bacteria and antiseptic benefits would also help in fighting this condition. [2]You can eat 2 garlic cloves or if are able to drink, you can also consume garlic juice for treating this condition. This would regulate blood flow and reduce the storage of fluids in the abdomen!


3. Onions

To remove the excess fluids from your body, go for this amazing treatment which can remove the fluids out of your body and get you rid of the extra fluids.[3] You can drink onion juice or include onions in your diet to reduce increase urination which would help in throwing out the extra fluids jammed in your abdomen!


4. Radish

This amazing ingredient would simply help in flushing out the fluids and control conditions like liver damage, digestion issues, metabolism issues and much more. [4] Consume radish daily to flush out all the extra fluid out of your body and get awesome cure from this condition!


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5. Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are awesome and you can fight extra fluids, pain and swelling over the abdomen with this amazing ingredient. Fenugreeks seeds are filled with cool anti oxidants which would help in reducing swelling and would also cure pain. [5] Soak the seeds overnight in water and drink this water early morning.

Fenugreek Seeds

6. Watermelon

Watermelon s filled and loaded with extra fluids which can work miracles on this condition. If you have a lot of fluids in your abdomen, you can flush these fluids by the intake of more fluids.[6] Watermelons are filled with such fluids a water which would simply help you in getting rid with these fluids soon!


7. Asafetida

This is an amazing ingredient which gets you out of all the troubles related to abdomen and stomach issues. Also you can feel loss of appetite during this condition which can be treated using this super food. [7] Consume asafetida in your daily food and you would get amazing relief over the pain in abdomen!


8. Coconut Water

This cool deter water has amazing benefits over this condition. It is helpful in treating ascites which can develop swelling and pain over your abdomen. [8] This amazing water would flush out all the extra fluids out of your body and would get you a healthy and strong body. Drink coconut water twice a day for more urination and for treating this condition soon!

Coconut Water

9. Chickpeas

This amazing food helps in improving the digestion process and also boosts metabolism. This would help in reducing the storage of fats and fluids in your body. [9] Also with urination, you would get rid o fall the fluids which can get stored in your body and cause pain. Also fast digestion would help in hindering constipation and bowel issues which can create more pain. Consume chick peas for healthy treatment!


10. Carrot Juice

This amazing and cool fiber rich drink would solve all the digestion related issues and would get your urination frequent. This would simply flush out all the harmful toxins and bacteria and get you a proper digestion process.[10] If you are facing frequent urination, you can consume this nutritious and stunning juice to stay hydrated and full all the daylong!

Carrot Juice

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