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10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters


Blood blisters are very common and in our day to day life, we get the blisters frequently. The huge and liquid filled blisters can make your skin look simply annoying. Generally, these blisters are caused due to fiction and different skin issues. Normally it goes away within sometime but in case it does not go away easily, you can use some quick home remedies to light this issue. There are some super cool home remedies and natural ingredients which you can use and fight the blood blisters easily. If you are looking for some perfect home remedies for these problems, here are the best ways you can fight the blood blisters easily!

Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Blood Blisters:

1. Aloe Vera Gel:

Your blood blisters may ache and create a painful situation for and thus, you must sue the soothing ingredients which can work magically on your skin. Get some fresh aloe Vera gel in your blood blisters and apply 2-3 times a day. This will help the blisters get away and your skin get radiant and beautiful as before! [1]

Aloe Vera Gel

2. Sandalwood Powder:

Nothing can be more soothing and calming than the sandalwood powder. If your skin burns and turns extremely red, you can sue some sandalwood powder to get rid of this sensation. Mix some sandalwood powder and water and apply this paste on the blood blisters. Let it work for few minutes and rinse. This will give you a calming and soothing sensation! [2]

Sandalwood Powder

3. Cucumber Juice:

Cucumber juice can be considered as an awesome ingredient for fighting blood blisters. If you feel the burning sensation or pain in the blisters, to quickly fight it all away, get some fresh and chilled cucumber juice and apply it on your blisters. Let it work for few minutes and rinse. This will make your skin super stunning and painless! [3]

 Cucumber Juice

4. Clay:

Clay is another soothing and claiming ingredient which effectively works on the blisters and makes it flawless. If you are getting a burning sensation and itchiness on the blisters, for instant smoothness and to fight the pain, use some clay on the blisters. This would help magically and will make your skin free from the blisters soon! [4]


5. Turmeric Powder:

Turmeric powder is considered as one of the finest ingredients which can heal different wounds, painful bruises and bleeding. If you want the blood blisters to go away naturally and also want to kill all the bacteria and germs causing this issue, you must dab some turmeric powder paste on the blisters. This will give some magical and high impact anti bacterial results on your skin! [5]

Turmeric Powder

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6. Ice Packs:

Ice Packs are one of the most amazing remedies which you can sue for the blood blisters. Sometimes, the blisters get immensely huge and filled with liquid. At this stage, it pains and creates more discomfort. In such situation, you can use the high impact ice packs to get the specific area numb. This will help in allowing blood flow and will also make your skin fight the pain and extreme suffering! [6]

Ice Packs

7. Witch Hazel:

Here is a promising and cool ingredient which can help in improve blood flow and will effectively fight the blood blisters. If your skin is affected from blood blisters and you want to battle the pain and itchiness with natural way, use some witch hazel to clean up your skin. Apply with hazel and this will make the blister fade away gradually! This is one of the best ways to fight the blisters naturally! [7]

Witch Hazel

8. Tea Tree Oil:

Here is an awesome anti bacterial oil which will keep your skin free from the blisters and will also fight the pain and itchiness caused by the blisters. If your skin has a lot of blood blisters, apply some tea tree oil on the blisters 2-3 times a day this oil improved blood flow and also fights the bacterial, germs and such issues which can make it even more painful! Thus go with tea tree oil and cleanse the blisters soon! [8]

Tea Tree Oil

9. Baking Soda:

Here is a stunning kin cleanser which will help in cleaning the blisters naturally, filled with anti bacterial and healing properties, this amazing ingredient will naturally fight the blood blisters and will improve the blood flow! Also it will help in fighting the bacteria and germs which can spread and cause different skin issues! [9]

Baking Soda

10. Garlic Oil:

Garlic is considered as one of the best anti bacterial ingredient which can work miracles on your wounds, bruises, infections and such problems. If your skin has got blood blister, get some garlic and dab on the blisters. Let to work for few minutes and rinse. Garlic is filled with some magical properties and healing benefits which will never fail to fight the blisters effectively! [10]

Garlic Oil


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