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10 Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Hickeys

Love bites or hickeys are always not adorable to flaunt! They are formed when the skin is sucked hard or is bitten. Not all women like to flaunt these signs and thus here are some of the most amazing remedies to get rid of the love bites fast! With these remedies, you simply would not have to wear collared tops or scarves to hide those hickeys with these cool and natural remedies! These stunning and quick remedies would soon get you rid of the hickeys and get you back your stunning bruise less skin back! When the blood vessels are damaged, the blood oozes out of them creating a red, purple or brown mark. For repairing those vessels, you can need to use these remedies which can also heal blood clots and get your blood vessels going!

Try These Amazing Home Remedies And Battle Hickey Marks Away!

1. Ice Massage:

Ice massages are one of the coolest and happening ingredients which can work miracles on the hickeys. Ice packs are one of the most promising ingredients which can fight the blood clots and damaged blood vessels and can regulate the blood flow soon. Massage some ice on the skin 3-4 times a day. Soon the marks and the redness would start getting disappeared.

Ice Massage

2. Aloe Vera For Soothing:

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most cooling and soothing ingredient which can make the skin relieved and rid of the inflammation. Get some fresh aloe Vera gel and massage this gel on the hickeys. This would make the blood flow regulated and the skin super smooth. Also this amazing gel works wonders on the skin and fights clotting.

Aloe Vera For Soothing

3. Warm Compresses:

Warm compresses are filled with amazing benefits over skin impairments.Warm compresses would; help in regulating the blood flow, soothing the inflammation and pain and would surely get you rid of the hickey mars in some days. Warm compresses remove the blood clots and would fight the jammed blood while making it regulated. Apply warm compresses and get cool results!

4. Tea Bags:

Filled with cool antioxidants and amazing nourishing properties, this amazing ingredient would simply fight the blood clots and blood vessel damage. Due to damage, the blood vessels get clotted and appear as a bright mark. Apply some fresh tea bags on the affected skin and let it work for 15-20 minutes. This would help in recovering from the hickeys and marks and would heal your bruise soon!

Tea Bags

5. Banana Peel:

Banana peel is filled with cool skin nourishing properties which can make the skin smooth and allow the blood to flow constantly. If your blood gets clotted and jammed and some bruised appear in the skin, apply some banana peel on the affected area and let it work for 20 minutes. Banana peel has amazing healing properties which would help you out soon!

Banana Peel

6. Peppermint:

The tingling and nourishing effects of this amazing ingredient has several other benefits over the skin. Get some peppermint and apply the crush or juice on the affected area. You can lightly massage peppermint on the hickeys for 2-3 times a day. This would regulate the blood flow and make the bruises get disappeared soon. This cool remedy would simply work wonders on the skin!


7. Cocoa Butter:

What can be more amazing and nourishing than cocoa butter! If you have trouble and pain over the hickey marks and want to get the clots soon resolved, apply or massage the cocoa butter on the affected skin. Massaging this cool ingredient over your skin would make the skin fight clots and jammed blood and would reduce the swelling and pain too!

Cocoa Butter

8. Alcohol:

Alcohol sometimes can get very beneficial over the skin. You can apply some alcohol on the bruised or clotted areas. The alcohol is surprisingly a healing agent when it comes to blood clots and bruises. Get some alcohol and apply it on the hickeys for amazing and quick results!


9. Chamomile Oil:

Castor oil is filled with cool and nourishing properties which can fight the jammed or clotted blood and can get amazing impacts. Massage some chamomile oil on the hickeys and the blood would start to flow in the regular manner soon. This remedy would surely work quickly for you!

Chamomile Oil

10. Witch Hazel:

This cool ingredient is also filled with nourishing and healing properties which can fight the bacteria and get you cool result. The bruises and clotting can be eliminated; using this sole ingredient. Get some witch hazel and apply this on the bruised and affected area. This would make your soon rid of the bruises and would get you clean and clear skin soon!

Witch Hazel

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