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10 Simple Home Remedies To Treat Scalp Acne

Just like the skin acne, the scalp acnes are completely painful and uneasy. The scalp acnes are causes by extreme oily scalp, infections, irregular hair wash, irregular diet and such kind of problems. If you too face the same issue of scalp acnes and are tired of getting proper solutions for this problem, here is a list of amazing home remedies which would soon get you rid of the scalp acnes. The problem of scalp acne is extremely discomforting and painful. The scalp hurts badly and sometimes it causes mild fever and such intense conditions. The acnes can also lead to painful situations and itching and burning sensations. These home remedies would surely provide you amazing clear and strong scalp which is infection and itch free.

Try These Amazing Cleansing Home Made Recipes Or Ingredient For Soon Getting Rid Of The Scalp Acnes.

1. Wash Scalp With Neem Water

Neem water is a heavenly element which can work wonders on your scalp. The amazing need is a herb which is traditionally used for curing the skin and hair problems. It fights the infectious bacteria and makes the scalp free from infections and disease too. You can soak the neem leaves overnight in a container filled with water and the next day, was the hair worth that water. Or you can crush the neem leaves and apply it directly on the acne to get quicker results. Try this promising solution and you would get results soon.


2. Use Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are generally used for getting smooth, silky and strong hair. For treating the acne persisting in the scalp, you must use this amazing fenugreeks for quicker and amazing results. The fenugreek seeds have the capability to fight the infections and bacteria and leave the skin itch and pain free. You can soak the fenugreek seeds and clean the scalp with that water or you can apply the fenugreek seed powder for amazing results.


3. Apply Lemon Juice

Lemon is an antibacterial and citrus ingredient which would effectively fight the bacteria causing scalp acnes and would get you rid of all the pain and suffering caused by the aces. Apply some lemon juice on you scalp or wash your scalp with lemon juice and water for amazing results and a clean and infection free scalp.


4. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is extremely beneficial and helpful when it comes to scalp acne. The hair and skin treatments are done using tea tree oil due to its amazing benefits. Apply the tea tree oil on the acnes and the entire affected area regularly. This would surely provide you quicker and effective results.

Use Tea Tree Oil

5. Use Nutmeg Milk

Ever hear of the nutmeg milk which helps in curing the scalp acne? The acnes are the result of extreme oiliness or infections which causes burning and itching sensation in the scalp. You can use the nutmeg milk which would soothe your acne pain and would provide you healing with calmness. You will soon feel better using this amazing ingredient for curing your scalp acne.


6. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is extremely beneficial and curing element. If you have a lot of itching and pain over your scalp due to the scalp acnes, use the amazing lavender oil on the acnes. This oil would get you rid of the acne soon. This oil would make the acnes invisible from your scalp providing a soothing and calming scalp.

Lavender Oil

7. Honey Cinnamon

This mixture is widely used to the amazing benefits it provides. The amazing honey calms and soothes the burning and itching sensation caused by the acnes whereas the cinnamon, a natural curing agent would clean up all the acnes from your scalp. Apply this mixture daily until you d not get completely rid of the scalp acnes.

Cinnamon and Honey

8. Tomato Juice

This amazing ingredient has all the elements which fight the scalp acne. The tomato juice consists of some acids and ingredients which would work wonders on your scalp and get you soon rid of the disturbing and painful acnes. Apply raw tomato juice on the acnes for a quicker and effective remedy for acnes.

Tomato juice

9. Garlic

This is an amazing solution which would get you soon rid of the scalp acne. Garlic is used for treating the infections very effectively. The anti bacterial and antifungal properties of garlic would fight the acnes and would surely provide immensely beneficial results for treating the scalp acnes. Apply garlic juice o the acnes and get amazing results soon.


10. Betel Leaves

The betel leaves are too extremely helpful in treating the scalp acne. The stunning leaves fight the acnes and the oiliness while removing the infectious elements from the scalp. Try placing the betel leaves juice on the acnes and you will get amazing results soon.


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