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11 Amazing Vitamin E Benefits For Skin, Hair And Health

Vitamin E has the capability of reducing various kinds of health issues. One of the studies proved that vitamin E works wonders in reducing the breast pain, which is the symptom often seen in women with the premenstrual syndrome. It is highly beneficial in keeping the risk of cataract at bay. It protects vision in those people suffering from macular degeneration. This natural antioxidant has the ability to slow down the development of Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’ disease.

It makes the immune system strong and healthy. Hence, vitamin E rich foods are highly recommended to be used in the diet of the elderly people. In the present days, vitamin E supplements have gained lot of popularity as the antioxidants. Vitamin E rich foods help you get rid of many health issues from inside. The topical application of the vitamin E oil is highly beneficial in conditioning and nourishing your hair and skin. Vitamin E consists of lot of benefits for skin, hair and health. Today, here we are providing few of the benefits of vitamin E for skin, hair and health in this article.

1. Heals Wounds:

Vitamin E oil works wonders in healing the wounds. The antioxidant properties in vitamin E oil are very effective in giving you relief from wounds. You can apply vitamin E oil directly on the wound. Application of the vitamin E oil on the wounds speeds up the healing process. It also reduces inflammation and minimizes scarring. For this, you need to use the undiluted vitamin E oil. Therefore, it is suggested to apply the vitamin E oil which is freshly squeezed.[1]

Heals Wounds

2. Nourishes The Skin:

Vitamin E oil is highly capable in nourishing your skin. This excellent oil has the ability to restore the elasticity to the skin. By acting as the natural antioxidant, this oil eliminates the free radicals from the skin by keeping the oxidation in check. Thus, it nourishes your skin. By nourishing the skin, this oil improves the texture of the skin.[2]

Nourishes The Skin

3. Diminishes Stretch Marks:

This oil has the ability to repair the damaged skin and reduce the stretch marks. By working as a natural and powerful antioxidant, vitamin E oil protects and promotes the regeneration of the skin. This oil penetrates deeply into your skin and reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Massage the area of stretch marks with the vitamin E oil for few minutes on the regular basis.[3]
Diminishes Stretch Marks

4. Moisturizes The Skin:

This oil is very soothing to dry, chapped and irritated skin. Because of its moisturizing properties, this oil works as an excellent moisturizer and heals eczema and cradle cap. You need to massage your skin with this oil. Squeeze the oil from two or three vitamin E capsules and add it to one cup of olive oil. Stir the oils well for few minutes. You can use the resultant mixture as the massage oil or lotion. Alternatively, use the mixture as needed in the bath.[4]

Moisturizes The Skin

5. Keeps The Premature Graying At Bay:

Vitamin E oil acts as the wonderful anti-aging oil also. It gives you relief from premature graying of the hair. Therefore, if you want to get rid of gray hair, then prefer having this oil in your hair oil combination. By giving the hair color vitamins to your hair, it reduces the issue of premature graying of hair.[5]

Keeps The Premature Graying At Bay

6. Controls Split Ends:

Split ends, which are one of the most annoying problems, can be easily managed with the help of vitamin E oil. Firstly heat one cup of shea butter until it melts. Then, remove the shea butter from the heat and mix the olive oil to it. Leave this mixture aside for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes, add vitamin E oil and coconut oil to that mixture. Whisk all these things well and apply on your hair carefully. After few minutes, wash your hair with the normal water and shampoo. This excellent vitamin E based conditioner works wonderfully well in giving you relief from the split ends.[6]

Controls Split Ends

7. Improves Hair Shine:

You can easily improve the shine of your hair with the help of vitamin E oil. Take two tablespoons of ginger oil, ¼ cup of jojoba oil, ¼ cup of olive oil, ¼ cup of vitamin E oil, and ½ cup of aloe vera juice. Combine and shake all these ingredients in a spray bottle. Rinse your hair and pat dry it with the towel. Spray the mixture on your hair liberally. After spraying, gently massage and comb the strands for ensuring the even distribution throughout. To remove the excess, dry your hair with the towel. In order to get the best results, you can use this mixture on the daily basis.[7]

Improves Hair Shine

8. Eradicates Dandruff:

Eradication of dandruff is another marvelous hair benefit offered by the vitamin E oil. Dandruff, which is the main cause of breakage and improper growth of the hair, can be easily controlled with the help of vitamin E. It also makes your hair shiny and soft. Massage your scalp with some drops of the vitamin E oil. Massaging your scalp with this oil greatly helps in keeping flaking, dandruff and dryness at bay.[8]

Eradicates Dandruff

9. Heals Minor Burns:

We already stated that vitamin E oil acts as a natural antioxidant. This excellent oil soothes the burned areas very effectively. You can apply this oil directly on the damaged and burned skin. The results of applying small quantities of vitamin e oil on the wounds and burns are very heartening. The application of the vitamin E also keeps the trouble of scarring at bay.[9]

Heals Minor Burns

10. Keeps Skin Cancer At Bay:

Keeping skin cancer at bay is one of the most important health benefits offered by the vitamin E. The sun protection quality and the natural antioxidant properties of the vitamin e reduce the sun damage. Vitamin E is highly capable in keeping your skin spot free, healthy and protects your skin against cancer.[10]

Keeps Skin Cancer At Bay

11. Keeps Heart Disease At Bay:

Poor blood circulation and high cholesterol are the major risk factors for the heart disease. Vitamin E is highly effective in improving the circulation in the peripheral blood vessels and coronary. It also lowers the total blood cholesterol levels. A study found that the postmenopausal woman can diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease by consuming vitamin E rich foods.[11]

Keeps Heart Disease At Bay

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