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11 Amazing Ways To Deal With Dry Patches On The Face

Dry, rough and dark patches present on the face makes you look extremely awkward and unpleasant. In fact, these patches are the most common breakouts. The factors such as severe exposure to sunlight, environmental pollution, dehydration, and usage of chemical cosmetics result in this issue. These dry patches can easily be reduced with the help of some amazing ways.

In This Article, We Are Going To Share Some Amazing Ways For Getting Rid Of Dry, Rough And Dark Patches On The Face.

1. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is highly capable of removing the dry, rough and dark patches from your skin. It is fully packed with nourishing properties. It nourishes your skin and makes it beautiful. Take some castor oil and massage your skin before your bed time. Follow this process regularly for few days to prevent the patchy and dry skin.


2. Aloe Vera Gel:

Excellent nourishing properties and nutrients of aloe vera gel work wonder in giving you relief from patchy and dry skin. It is very effective in destroying the dead skin cells. It moisturizes your skin very effectively. Apply some aloe vera gel on a regular basis in order to get the fine and smooth skin. Try this method before your bedtime in order to get the desired results.

aloe vera gel

3. Coconut Oil:

One of the amazing oils which can be used in the daily skin care routine is the coconut oil. It is loaded with amazing skin cleansing properties. It repairs your damaged skin very effectively. Massage your facial skin with some coconut oil to prevent dark and dry facial skin. The skin gets required nutrition and nourishment through coconut oil.

Coconut Oil

4. Cocoa Butter:

This amazing ingredient is packed with a lot of skin friendly properties. It makes your skin soft and smooth. Cocoa butter is highly known to be beneficial in locking the moisture content in your skin. Take some cocoa butter and apply on your facial skin for getting rid of dry skin. Massage your face for some time with cocoa butter.

Cocoa Butter

5. Vitamin E Oil:

This wonderful oil acts as a great cleansing agent. Besides repairing your dry and dark skin, this amazing oil is very effective in adding radiance to the skin. This oil is rich in anti-aging properties. Application of vitamin e oil on the facial skin is recommended for enjoying the amazing results.


6. Honey:

Honey is one of the natural ingredients that work great on the damaged skin. It acts as a great moisturizer. It rejuvenates your skin. It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It has the capability of absorbing and retaining moisture content in the skin. Thus, it aids in keeping your skin supple, fresh and hydrated. Take some honey and mix it with a little amount of water. Apply this mixture on your skin. This process is highly helpful in offering you radiant and youthful skin.


7. Olive Oil:

The dust, dirt, and impurities can easily be removed with the help of olive oil. Olive oil is a great moisturizing agent. Apply some olive oil on your facial skin. Gently massage your skin for some time in circular motions. Besides offering you wonderful skin, olive oil is very effective in boosting the skin’s elasticity.


8. Clarified Butter:

This is one of the wonderful ingredients which reduce the rough and dry skin. It provides wonderful softness and smoothness to your skin. It also keeps various other skin problems such as the appearance of dark spots, white patches etc at bay.

Clarified Butter

9. Yogurt:

Yogurt is very effective in reviving your dull and damaged skin. It fights acne as well. Yogurt is full of exfoliating properties. Take some yogurt and add it to some honey. Mix it well and apply evenly on the facial skin or on the affected area. Wait for some time and remove the pack using normal water. This is one of the highly beneficial remedies in eliminating dry and dark patches from your skin.


10. Oatmeal:

Oatmeal acts as a great anti-inflammatory agent. It goes deeply into your skin and cleanses it. Take some oatmeal and add it to 1 teaspoon of milk. Mix them well and apply on the facial skin. Let the pack sit on your skin for some time. Then, wash it off using normal water. The dry patches can get eliminated with this powerful oatmeal face pack.


11. Lip Balm:

Do you wonder why lip balm is listed as a skin care ingredient? This is because it is full of skin nourishing properties. It works amazingly in repairing your broken, dry and damaged skin. You can apply the lip balm on your dry and dark facial skin too. Gently smear the lip balm on your facial skin before going to bed. This is one of the amazing and inexpensive ways for getting a wonderful skin.


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