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12 Common Diseases Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency


Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for a healthy skin and overall health. In fact, Vitamin D plays a vital role in regulating the proper functioning of brain, heart, lungs and muscles. You can get Vitamin D from different foods like egg yolks, grain products, dairy products, cereals, fish liver oils and fish as these foods are highly rich in Vitamin D constituent. It is also a rarely known fact that our body prepares its own Vitamin D by absorbing sunlight through the skin which is an excellent source of Vitamin D.

However, you will be shocked to know that deficiency of Vitamin D is more common among people that any other nutrients deficiency. Such deficiency mainly occurs due to different factors like strict vegetarian diet, obesity, digestive issues, improper liver function and limited exposure to sunlight. People having dark skin also become prone to Vitamin D deficiency due to high production of melanin pigment.Following Are The Common Diseases Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency Which You Need To Know So As To Protect Yourself From Health Hazard.

Common Diseases Caused By Vitamin D Deficiency:

1. Osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is a common disease associated with lack of Vitamin D constituent in the body which mainly results in making your bones weak by lowering the bone density. For strong bones and muscles, the role of both Vitamin D and calcium are very significant Lack of Vitamin D increases the risk of occurring fractures and breaking of bones due to continuous calcium depletion and lowering of bone density.


2. Cancer:

 Deficiency of Vitamin D in the body also generates the cancerous cells inside the body. Research is still going on to determine the relation of cancer with low level of Vitamin D because there is no proven evidence received on such relation till yet..


3. Asthma:

Asthma is another common disease associated with deficiency of Vitamin D that directly affects the lung function of its victim especially small children. Patients suffering from asthma are always advised to consume diets which are rich in Vitamin D constituent so as to ease discomfort of asthma attack.


4. Allergies:

Children who’re deficient in Vitamin D generally suffers from different types of food allergies which becomes more complex if proper action is not taken against it.


5. Depression:

Vitamin D deficiency generally causes stress and depression by affecting the nerves of the brain which are responsible for brain processes. There are many areas in the brain that absorbs Vitamin D that helps in taking decisions. Deficiency of Vitamin D constituent generally targets the decision taking capability and gives birth to regular mental stress and depression like condition.


6. Influenza:

People having lower Vitamin D levels generally suffers from different types of cold, flu and common respiratory infections which later on causes influenza. Therefore, you must give utmost preference to sanitation and cleanliness in your locality so as to safeguard your health against such complexions.


7. Heart Stroke:

Deficiency of Vitamin D also improves the risk of occurring heart problems thereby raising hypertension. Therefore, it is advisable for you to go to your doctor as soon as you notify symptoms of cardiovascular disease because it may lead to the death of its victim with increase in Vitamin D deficiency.

Heart Stroke

8. Inflammation:-

Deficiency of Vitamin D increases inflammation in the stomach thereby creating a negative effect on the function of immune system. Regular deficiency of Vitamin D causes many complex inflammatory diseases like inflammatory bowel disease, lupus, arthritis, and type 1 diabetes.


9. Cholesterol:

Deficiency of Vitamin D also affects the cholesterol level in the blood of its victim. If your body didn’t receive proper exposure on sun rays then such condition may harm your cholesterol level and function of immune system.


10. Type 2 Diabetes:

Vitamin D deficiency is also related with Type 2 diabetes by contributing in glucose tolerance with its effect on insulin sensitivity and secreting insulin function. Person suffering from type 2 diabetes must eat foods rich in Vitamin D for reducing the discomfort of this ailment.

Type 2 Diabetes

11. Oral Diseases:

Vitamin D deficiency also causes oral disorders like tooth decay, cyst formation and mucus pain. People suffering from oral disorders must include diets rich in Vitamin D constituent so that Vitamin D requirement of their body gets easily fulfilled. There is proven evidence in many studies about relation of Vitamin D with periodontal health which later on results in increasing rate of tooth loss. You can also intake medicines and other supplements made from Vitamin D for alleviating all types of oral disorders.

Oral Diseases

12. Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Low level of Vitamin D in the body also develops risk of occurring rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is more common among women than men. Also, people having symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis earlier gets prone to severe stage of arthritis with increasing deficiency of Vitamin D in their body.

Rheumatoid Arthritis


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