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12 DIY Ways To Manage Rough Skin On The Feet

Rough skin on the feet, especially the soles and the feet can be a daunting and painful affair. It simply means that you are constantly having to deal with the problem of dryness, peeling skin, slight bleeding in some cases, etc. However, the good thing is that with a little sensible management, you can get rid of this roughness. It just needs a bit of patience and in the long run you will get gorgeous, smoother and softer skin.

Here Are 12 Diy Ways To Manage Rough Skin On The Feet:

1. Soak them Up In Epsom Salt

The first way to get rid of the dryness and roughness surrounding your feet would be to soak them in warm or hot water. What happens here is that the warm water helps to soften the skin around the feet, which in turn helps in getting rid of the same quicker. By adding Epsom salt to this, you are actually getting the salt granules penetrate deep into the skin layers, thus fighting dead cells. It also works as a natural antibiotic if the rough patches have caused bleeding.

 Soak them Up In Epsom Salt

2. Use Pumice Stone

The next step would be to use a pumice stone to gently exfoliate the area. Why the pumice stone works here is that it gets rid of the tough layers of the skin and gently scrapes off. You can use this is in the opposite direction to skin peeling off or rough skin for quicker action.

Use Pumice Stone

3. Natural Exfoliation Pack

For making this pack, you just need to take a bit of dried apricots or other stoned fruits, which are pureed roughly. To this add some peppermint or tea tree oil for fragrance and fighting infection. Mix up well. Now scrub the feet using this pack, massaging along the way so that you can get rid of the rough skin here.

Natural Exfoliation Pack

4. Use Socks

Skin roughness on the feet is often caused because of excessive friction against the floor, shoes, etc. Wearing socks prevents this from happening. It locks in moisture and gives added protection to your feet, thus fighting roughness and making the feet softer too. You should always wear cotton socks though as they are natural.

use socks

5. Use Shea Butter/ Cocoa Butter

Shea or cocoa butter are rich moisturising agents that are highly suggested for getting rid of rough skin on the feet and around the sole too. Massaging the feet at night and in the morning using these butters helps in getting rid of the roughness. It further makes your skin supple and soft too.

Use Shea Butter or  Cocoa Butter

6. Almond Oil

Take a few drops of almond oil and mix it up with a little bit of orange or lemon oil. Massage this all over your feet and let it stay for a few minutes. If possible, try to be on the bed and keep feet up so that the oils are absorbed by the feet and thus the roughness can be combatted.

 almond oil

7. Avoid Going Barefoot

One of the other reasons that roughness on the feet happens is because of exercising barefoot or roaming around the house barefoot. This puts a lot of stress on your feet and the skin here tends to get tougher and rougher with time. Wearing slippers or even home shoes helps in getting rid of the same.

Avoid Going Barefoot

8. Honey, Olive Oil And Brown Sugar Pack

This is a pack that doubles as an exfoliating agent too. The combination of these 3 ingredients helps in providing the feet ample moisturising and also gets rid of skin roughness. Mix 3-4 spoons of honey, 2 spoons of olive oil and 2 spoons of granule brown sugar together. Then massage and scrub your feet using the same including the top, ankles, sole, etc. The dry skin would start to peel off gradually while your feet is getting nourishment. Let it dry off and then wash.

Honey, Olive Oil And Brown sugar Pack

9. Coconut Cream

This is one of the simplest and strongest ingredients that one can find around to moisture the feet and get rid of skin dryness. Rough skin happens because of lack of moisturising and coconut cream provides enough to nourish the skin but not make it too oily. You can just massage the feet well with the same and let it stay for a few minutes before washing off.

Coconut Cream

10. Rose And Lavender Water Soak

Take some warm water and to this add a few drops of rose water along with lavender oil or even fresh lavender leaves. Then let your feet soak in the same. The healing and soothing properties of both the ingredients helps the feet relax and thus repair the roughness.

Rose And Lavender Water Soak

11. Petroleum Jelly Or Lotion

Use a petroleum jelly or lotion as a role of thumb twice a day for roughness around the feet. With regular moisturising the skin roughness repairs itself and also prevents from recurring again.

Petroleum Jelly Or Lotion

12. Mustard Oil

Warm mustard oil not only helps in getting rid of skin roughness by removing dead cells but also provides deep nourishment. Massage a few drops into the feet and then pull on socks. This overnight treatment really works wonder preparing deepest of cracks and roughness in the feet.

mustard oil


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