12 Effective Ways To Manage Scalp Infection At Home

Scalp infection is something that can happen to anyone and everyone. The reasons of the infection range from accumulation of dirt and bacteria on the hormone to allergic reactions or even using excessive chemicals on the scalp. The result is itchiness, burning sensation, peeling off skin, etc. In some cases it could be serious conditions like psoriasis that causes the same – but usually it is just a regular infection that could be handled with these natural methods

Here Are 12 Effective Ways To Manage Scalp Infection At Home

1. Avoid Using Chemical Shampoos

Try and avoid using chemical based shampoos during this period especially the ones that use laurate sulphate or parabens. Rather you should opt for shampoos that are organic and made of natural ingredients, which help in getting rid of accumulated dirt and particles but without hampering the pH levels of the scalp.

Avoid Using Chemical Shampoos

2. Use Warm Coconut Oil

Being rich in Lauric acid, that is known for fighting an array of scalp infections, especially bacterial ones. Warm coconut oil is suggested because it is known for working on the scalp instantly is also absorbed faster. Don’t leave the oil on for more than 20 minutes because you don’t want to clog the pores.

Coconut Oil

3. Tea Tree Oil

Don’t use tea tree oil directly on the scalp. But because it has healing properties and prevents spread of infection, it can be diluted with either coconut oil, your conditioner or even shampoo. A few drops can also be added to water and then massaged all over the scalp. Once done, you can leave the oil for about 30 minutes and then massage.

Tea Tree Oil

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

For this remedy you need to take about 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and then dilute it with 1/4th cup of water. Then use a cotton ball to spread this mixture all across the scalp and massage well. ACV is known for balancing your pH levels and the acidity also fights the infection. It further kills the bacteria or fungus causing it in the first place. Leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing.

Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Lemon Juice

Lemon juice too contains an array of acidic element that are natural in nature but they are very effective in fighting scalp infection. For this remedy, you can dilute the juice of one lime or lemon into some coconut oil and massage all over scalp. You can also use it directly on the scalp by rubbing on the spots that itch the most. Doing so helps in curbing the infection and from spreading.

Lemon juice

6. Yogurt

Being rich in probiotics, yogurt is highly suggested for being used as a scalp infection method. For doing this, you need to take about 1/2 a bowl of yogurt and then add some lemon juice or vinegar to it for additional benefits. Massage it all over the scalp and tips too. Not only will it condition your hair but also fights dryness, which is a major symptom of scalp infection.


7. Drink More Of Water

Often the start of a scalp infection is due to excessive dryness of the scalp and lack of water in the body. People who consume very little water through the day tend to have dryer scalps, which leads to itchiness. The more you itch, the more your scalp tends to get exposed to dirt and thus infection. Drinking more water helps in providing hydration to the scalp.

Drink More Of Water

8. Eat More Of Citrus Fruits

Being rich in vitamin C and A, citrus fruits improve your body’s immunity and thus help to get rid of the infection faster. You should have at least one orange a day along with other citrus fruits that provide natural immunity boosting elements to the body and combat your scalp infection.

Citrus Fruits

9. Castor Oil

The natural immunity properties in castor oil help in quickly getting rid of your scalp infection. You just have to apply the oil on the scalp not hair or tips and let it stay for about 20 minutes. Then wash off with a gently shampoo. When massaging, don’t use your nails or it will make the infection worse.

Castor Oil

10. Aloe Vera And Honey Gel

Mix together 1/4 cup each of honey and aloe vera gel and whip it up really nicely. Now massage all over the scalp very well. Both these ingredients have antibacterial and anti fungal properties that will help in getting rid of your scalp infection faster.

Aloe Vera & Honey

11. Use A Nit Comb

A nit comb is highly suggested if your scalp infection seems to stay. Often, it is lice in the scalp that lays egg in the infected area thus worsening the situation. A nit comb will help in getting rid of the same. Use on wet hair for best results.

Use A Nit Comb

12. Fullers Earth And Coconut Water

Mix fullers earth with coconut water and make a mask. Then apply this all over the scalp and allow to dry. Wash if off after 20 minutes. It not only cleanses your scalp but also fights the infection.

Fullers Earth And Coconut Water

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