12 Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps

Muscle cramp is caused due to a painful concentration of muscle which results in a hard muscle. It is commonly seen in people who are actively involved in sports such as athletes. Muscle cramps commonly occur in the front and back portion of thigh. Involuntary and sudden contraction of muscles leads to pain and swelling. Most cases of muscle cramps occur in the leg. There are many home remedies which are effective in muscle cramps. Below are some of the remedies for muscle cramps which are dependent upon the various products found easily in the household. There is no dearth of homemade methods for muscle cramps and should be tried by everyone who are suffering from muscle cramps.

Here Are 12 Home Remedies For Muscle Cramps

1. Pickle Juice

One tea-spoon of pickle juice taken regularly relieves pain caused due to leg cramp. The acetylcholine compound present in the pickle juice helps the affected muscles to relax and provides relief [1].

Pickle Juice

2. Clove Oil

Clove oil should be heated and massaged gently on the affected area. Clove oil has anti-inflammatory properties which is beneficial for the inflammation caused by muscle cramps. In addition, the anaesthetic properties of the oil also relief muscle cramps [2].

Clove Oil

3. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea contains amino acid which relaxes the muscle fibres. It is very effective in relaxing the muscles of the legs. Drinking this tea on a regular basis relief from muscle cramps [3].

drink Chamomile Tea

4. Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is rich in Magnesium. Magnesium relaxes the muscles, hence it is very useful for muscle cramps. The epsom salt should be added to a tub containing warm water. The entire body should be soaked in the water for thirty minutes. It should be repeated regularly for muscle cramps.

Epsom Salt Soak
5. Garlic Oil

Ten or fifteen garlic cloves are crushed and to the resulting paste, 50ml of cooking oil is added. The mixture is then boiled on a low flame. The hot oil is then cooled and filtered. Massaging this oil on the affected area provides relief from muscle cramps [4].

Garlic Oil

6. Yellow Mustard

Yellow mustard is rich in acetic acid that helps in the production of acetylcholine which in turn helps in providing relief from pain in the muscle cramps area. Yellow mustard is commonly used to control muscle related problems [5].

Yellow Mustard

7. Celery Seed

Celery seeds have anti-inflammatory properties and help relieve muscle cramps. It provides a wonderful relief from muscle cramps and reduces pain [6].

Celery Seed

8. Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises are very effective in muscle cramps. The exact muscle with cramps should be identified properly. The stretching exercise should be continued for around thirty seconds. The process should be repeated continuously and the affected area should be rubbed to get relief from the affected muscles. These exercises help in getting rid of both pain and inflammation. Many patients avoid doing exercises but these exercises are very useful in releasing pressure from the muscles.

Gentle Stretching

9. Drink Fluids

Loss of water and electrolytes from the body cause dehydration and is the main cause of muscle cramps. The lost volume should be replaced by drinking lots of water and other fluids. This restores the fluid volume and corrects the blood volume. The patient should not drink alcohol and caffeinated drinks. Water removes toxins from the body. Flushing the body of toxins is important because toxins play a major role in causing cramps [7].

Consume Fluids

10. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used to relief the problem of muscle cramps. It is a common part of the kitchen. Insufficiency of potassium causes muscle cramps. Apple cider vinegar is rich in potassium which provides relief from muscle cramps. The nutrients present in apple cider vinegar relief the symptoms related with muscle cramps. The apple cider vinegar should be added to warm water and drunk regularly in order to control muscle cramps [8].

Consume Apple Cider Vinegar

11. Massage

There are some other home remedies to provide relief from muscle cramps. Massaging the affected area relieves the pain caused due to muscle cramps. There are some massaging techinques which help in providing pain relief. It also removes stiffness from the muscles. The best massaging techniques help in getting rid of pain and swelling.


12. Consume Calcium Rich Food

Healthy foods especially those rich in magnesium and vitamin A,C and E are effective in getting rid of the symptoms related to muscle cramps. Fruits ands vegetables also help in muscle cramps. They are useful for improving the health and stamina. Cosuming eggs and drinking milk is also very beneficial for patients suffering from muscle cramps. Milk contains both calcium and potassium which helps to contol muscle pain. Egg also contains calcium which strengthens the bone and provided relief from cramp pain [9].

Calcium Rich Food

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