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12 Natural Remedies That Help In Different Types Of Allergies

Allergies are typically very frustrating and bothersome. Most allergies occur due to the natural environment, some due to external chemicals or agents. Man made drugs and various sprays often constitute our remedies for allergies. Drug allergy remedies however can very harmful for our body in the long run. The best way to deal with them is to obtain natural allergy remedies by using natural allergy products.Allergies are of several kinds and can occur spontaneously. Drugs and medicines do form a potent line of defense however they come with their side effects. Amongst the best allergy remedies, Natural allergy remedies are said to be the safest and often most effective.

12 Natural Remedies That Help In Different Types Of Allergies

1. Neti Pot For Cold Allergies

Neti pots have been used for centuries in India and are still very popular. Shaped like an Arabic lamp, it can be very useful in helping cure pollen allergies as well as sinus congestions. It is amongst the best remedies for allergies. Cold and pollen grain allergies are best treated via the same [1].

Neti Pot For Cold Allergies

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids For General Allergies

Studies have shown that people who take in food rich in omega 3 fatty acids are less likely to get allergies. This compound acts as a great allergy remedy and provides quick natural allergy relief. It is one of the safest forms of allergy remedies available [2].

Take Foods With Omega 3 Fats

3. Eucalyptus Oil For Cold And Cough

Eucalyptus is one of the best- known allergy remedies. It effectively calms and soothes coughs and colds and reduces nasal congestions. The powerful vapor of eucalyptus is one of the best- known remedies for allergies. It is especially effective when used with steam treatments [3].

Eucalyptus Oil For Cold And Cough

4. Red Clover For Asthma Allergies

Red clover provides great natural allergy relief. Amongst the remedies for allergies, Red clover proves to be an exceptional remedy for asthma. Generally taken with tea, it provides natural allergy relief to not only asthma related problems but also coughs [4].

Red Clover

5. Apple Cider Vinegar For Environmental Allergies

Apple cider vinegar is a great allergy relief and amongst the well- known remedies for allergies. It primarily treats allergies rising from contact to pets and foods and other environmental agents. It is extremely rich in vitamins E, A, B1, B2 and B6 and also contains various metallic and non- metallic ions such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It provides great allergy remedies by soothing sore throats, reducing the mucous in the throat and suppressing colds [5].

Apple Cider Vinegar

6. Castor Oil For Skin And Intestinal Allergies

Castor oil can be found in many allergy products. It provides sufficient natural allergy relief. A few drops of castor oil taken with water or fresh juice have been found to be one of the remedies for allergies. It is a great allergy remedy for skin and intestinal tract allergies as well as colds [6].

Castor Oil

7. Lime For General Allergies

Lime is considered an all round remedy amongst the remedies for allergies. It is great for a wide range of allergies and is very useful if taken in the morning along with water or honey. It has great antitoxic and ant allergic properties and provides substantial natural allergy relief [7].


8. Onion And Garlic For Cold Allergies

You can opt for the following remedies for allergies if you are thinking of adopting the natural ways. Onions, garlic and citrus fruits contain quercetin which is a natural antihistamine. Consuming onion, garlic and citrus fruits can be a very effective allergy remedy [8].

Onion and Garlic For Cold Allergies

9. Diet Changes For Food Allergies

When it comes to natural allergy relief, you can eat stuffs like turkey, halibut, sole, swordfish, almonds, walnuts, and sunflower seeds to get rid of allergies. Vitamin C helps in treating allergies. You can even opt for brown and white rice to cure allergies. You must intake plenty of raw fruits and raw vegetables excepting corn and tomatoes if you are looking for your allergy remedy. Also, if a particular food is causing reactions, avoid consuming the same.

Diet Changes

10. Do Breathing Exercises For Pollen Allergies

With growing level of pollution and advancement in the society the incidence of allergy too is rising by leaps and bounds. The common things that aggravate the allergy symptoms are aerosol sprays, increasing air pollution, coldness of temperature, humidity, fumes, tobacco smokes, wood smoke and even winds. Doing breathing exercises like deep breathing, pranayam, etc. are highly beneficial in this reference.

Breathing Exercises

11. Aromatherapy For Seasonal Allergy

An antidote to the modern world’s stress and strain, aroma therapy products provide substantial remedy to allergies stemming from various factors. Aroma therapy involves breathing in certain essential oils like lavender, tea tree, etc. that cleanse the nasal passage of allergic pollens.


12. Apple Cider Vinegar For Pet Allergies

Rich in vitamins E, A, B1, B2 and B6, apple cider vinegar provides remedy to allergy occurring from pets and various environmental agents too. It is ideal for getting rid of all kinds of pet related allergies where pet hair might enter your system [9].

Apple Cider Vinegar

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