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11 Natural Sleep Aids To Get Better Sleep

‘Beauty sleep’ is a luxury not all can afford, not with this hectic lifestyle that constantly demands us to be up on our feet. Sleep deprivation has become the norm of the generation. While we stay awake all night updating our social status, we forget the benefits of an undisturbed slumber. Waking up energetic the next day sure can be a daunting task. We kill our appetite, stay irritated, snap off at work, get depressed and then stress about unforeseen situations. Entirely because of not abiding by the desired sleep pattern.

There are various ways to correct this unhealthy pattern and achieve a peaceful night of sleep. Given below are some natural methods on attaining the same.

1. Plan Your Day:

Make yourself busy during the day, set goals at work. Workout in the gym, do activities like walking, swimming, running. Physical exercises will exhaust you and eventually you will need to sleep in order to calm those sore muscles. A day spent fruitfully will give you solid rest and peace of mind.

Plan Your Day

2. Start A Bedtime Routine:

Get comfortable before an hour you go to bed. Read a book, make some valerian or chamomile tea, listen to soothing music. Avoid being stuck on the cell phone, watching TV, or wasting your time in useless gossip. Meditate in bed, keep the room dark so that the brain does not feel the need to stay awake. Maybe you can also try rocking yourself in a hammock chair till you feel sleepy, studies suggest that the brain associates the gentle rhythmic motion to sleep. A nice hot shower before bed relaxes the muscles inducing peaceful sleep.

Start A Bedtime Routine
3. Choose A Good Mattress And Pillow:

Sleeping on uneven surfaces can cause back pain and discomfort. Choose a comfortable mattress and pillow to fall asleep. Change the pillow if necessary, use a feather filled pillow rather than a synthetic one. Go for a firm mattress that will balance out your core evenly.

Choose A Good Mattress And Pillow
4. Avoid A Nightcap And Control Your Diet:

If you have the habit of consuming coffee or alcohol, stop it immediately as it hinders the regular sleep pattern. Avoid consuming spicy food, chocolate, tea, and a heavy meal right before bed as it will result in indigestion and heartburn. Eat light and always four hours before going to bed to experience healthy slumber.

Avoid A Nightcap And Control Your Diet

5. Avoid Smoking:

Smokers are less likely to feel rested than their non-smoking counterparts. Consuming too much nicotine may cause sleep apnea or other breathing disorders like asthma. In the long run it’s even unhealthy for the lungs, too much of tar cause lung diseases which can become life threatening.

Avoid Smoking
6. Try Aromatherapy And Gentle Yoga:

Essential oils like lavender, sandalwood, bergamot oil, frankincense induce peaceful sleep. Using aromasticks infused with these oils can give one a rested night. Practicing this natural therapy daily will relax sore muscles and calm the brain, thus achieving a peaceful night. Buying a lavender filled pillow or spraying your pillow with lavender will also do the trick. Also doing light yoga in bed helps, especially shoulder and neck rolls, arm and back stretches to soothe tired the limbs.

Try Aromatherapy And Gentle Yoga
7. Maintain The Room Temperature And Wear Comfortable Clothes:

An optimal room temperature ideally between 60 to 68 degree induces restful sleep. The brain associates a cool room to less metabolic activity. Wearing breathable clothes in bed will enhance proper sleep cycle.

Maintain The Room Temperature And Wear Comfortable Clothes
8. Avoid Negative Thoughts:

Cut out negative thoughts while in bed, focus on the positive side of life. Try relaxing by concentrating only on your breathing to induce sleep. Avoid staying awake thinking about the future or any other stressful event that has occurred during the day.

Avoid Negative Thoughts
9. Rule Out Any Medical Conditions:

Sometimes an underlying medical condition might reflect on one’s sleeping pattern. Especially if one is suffering with asthma, dysfunctional thyroid, sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and sleepwalking. Address the issue with a doctor and take proper advice and medication to resolve it.

Rule Out Any Medical Conditions

10. Tap On The Natural Rythm Of The Body:

Observe when you wake up in the morning without any alarm clock and notice when you start feeling sleepy at night. Establish a pattern and then work with your natural body rythm to induce a perfect sleep.

11. Try Bed-Time Snacks:

Meals before the bed must be early but if you still feel restless in bed foods like banana which is high in magnesium, oatcakes, almonds, and marmite help in inducing sleep. These light snacks are packed with melatonin which is essential for sleep.

Try Bed-Time Snacks
Do not commit your brain to go on the fear of sleep deprivation. Live your life to the fullest, go out at night, be ambitious, stay healthy. Work out on daily smaller goals for achievement afterall a content brain is indication of peaceful sleep.

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