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12 Remedies For Acidity

Remedies For Acidity

Acidity is a common problem from which most of us suffer very frequently. causes of acidity are – over stuffing of stomach, eating very spicy and junk foods, ill digestion of food, a gap between two meals, constipation etc. symptoms of acidity are heart burn, throat pain, head ache and in acute case vomiting and nausea.

Whatever may be the cause of acidity, it is very painful. Though it is not a fatal problem it affects us in many ways. If you suffer from acidity for a long time, fat will start to accumulate in your body and you will be obese. Regular attack of acidity also damages your skin. For this reason one should take proper care to control acidity.

Acidity is so painful that to get rid of it people rush to medicine shop and take medicines which gives you instant relief from acidity. But too much consumption of these medicines is not good. It damages your stomach. People may wonder to hear that there are various home remedies for acidity which are easily available and are found in your kitchen.

1. Drink Turmeric Dissolved In Warm Water

Things Needed

Turmeric has an excellent power to cure acidity very quickly. It cures bloating and gas accompanied with acidity. To make this you need a glass of worm water and pinch of turmeric.

How To Make

Mix products well.


Drink it . it will help to cure acidity.


2. Drink Mint Juice Or Eat Mint Tablet

Things Needed

Fresh Mint Leaves.Mint is an excellent natural leaves that helps to cure acidity very quickly. Mint has digestive property and for this reason it digests food very quickly. Mint also has a very cooling effect that cures burning sensation that often arises on throat and heart when you suffer from acidity.

How To Make Mint Juice

Grind few fresh leaves of mint and extract the juice.

Use Of Mint Juice

Mix that juice in a cup of cold water and drink it. It will help you to digest food.

How To Make Mint Tablet

Grind some fresh mint leaves to paste and make tablet with this mint paste. Make them dry and preserve.

Use Of Mint Tablet

Eat one after eating spicy food. It will save you from acidity. Use plenty of mint leaves in your salad and other cooked food to make yourself acid free.

 Mint Juice

3. Drink Cucumber Juice And Eat Fresh Cucumber After Fried Foods

Things Needed

Cucumber is needed for this purpose.
Cucumber is an excellent product that cures acidity in no time.


Grate one cucumber and extract the juice.


Drink a cup of cucumber juice when you suffer from acidity. It helps to cure it. Whenever you eat fried foods eat slices of fresh cucumber always. Cucumber helps to clean excess oil and saves you from acidity.

Cucumber Juice

4. Drink Amla Juice Or Dry Amla After Every Meal

Things Required

Amla and rock salt are needed. Amla or Indian gooseberry is an excellent thing that helps to digest food and cures acidity.


Crush fresh amla and extract the juice. Mix equal amount of water with this juice. You can do another thing. Make thin slices of amla and keep them under direct sunshine to get dry. Sprinkle some rock salt over it before keeping them in sunshine. Dry it in maximum level so that there remains no water content. After that, preserve them.


Drink amla juice or take 2-3 pieces of dry amla everyday after finishing your major meal. It will help you to both prevent and cure acidity.

Amla Juice

5. Chew Fennel Seed After Every Meal

Things Needed

Raw fennel seed is needed.Fennel is an excellent natural and one of the most common kitchen products that helps to cure acidity. Fennel seeds keep your body cool and help in easy digestion of food.


Take 1 teaspoon raw fennel seeds after taking your food everyday.


Chew it. It helps to solve the problem of acidity.

Fennel Seed

6. Drink Cold Milk To Reduce Burning Sensation

Things Required

The only thing here you need is cold milk. Cold milk is an excellent common home product to cure acidity. It contains a great amount of calcium that prevents acid build up and absorbs the excess acid. Cold milk also acts as cleanser and cleans excess oil of food that may create acidity. Cold milk also helps to reduce burning sensation that is one of the common symptoms of acidity.


Keep one cup of cold milk in deep freeze for 10-15 minutes to make it chilled.


Sip chilled milk slowly when you have acidity and you will get a quick relief.


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7. Chew Puffed Rice To Counter Acidity

Things Needed

Puffed rice is excellent home product that cures acidity very quickly.


Go and buy puffed rice from market.


Take plain puffed rice and chew it. After entering to stomach it absorbs the excess acid. Do not drink water immediately before or after taking puffed rice. After entering into stomach puffed rice absorbs excess fat of the stomach.

Puffed Rice

8. Ajwan Is Must After Every Meal

Things Required

Ajwan, lime and rock salt are needed to make it.


Ajwan is an excellent kitchen product that helps to solve acidity problem from regular use. Take some raw ajwan. Pour lime juice and rock salt on it. Mix properly and keep it in scorching sunshine to get dry.


Eat it regularly twice a day. Daily intake of ajwan helps to cure chronic acidity problem.


9. Baking Soda Dissolved In Chilled Water To Counter Acidity

Things Required

A glass of water and pinch of baking soda are required for this purpose.

How To Make

When you have acidity, take a glass of chilled water. Add pinch of baking soda in it and mix well.

How To Use

Drink this water slowly. Repeat the process after an hour. It will help you to cure acidity.

Baking Soda

10. Boil Cumin Seeds In Water To Make Concoction

Things Needed

Cumin seeds and water are needed.Cumin seed is an excellent kitchen product that cures acidity very quickly. Cumin helps to stimulate the production of saliva which helps to digest food and improves metabolism. It helps to calms you irritated stomach and helps to heal ulcer formed due to acid secretion.


Cumin water is also good for acid purpose. Boil some cumin seeds in water.


Chew a teaspoon fresh and raw cumin seed accompanied with a cup of water. Drink the cumin concoction when it is cooled down. This cumin really works to cure acidity.

 Cumin Seeds

11. Use Ginger In Your Food

Things Required

Ginger is needed here. Ginger is one of the most common products of kitchen. Ginger helps in absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients and in digestion of food. It also helps to break down the protein in your food. Ginger promotes mucus secretion and protects your stomach from acidity.

How To Make

Grate ginger or cut them in fine slices after washing it properly.

How To Use

Use plenty of ginger in your regular food. Chew fresh ginger and suck the juice. It will help you to get rid of acidity.


12. Intake Of Plain Yogurt After Lunch Or Dinner

Things Needed

Eating plain and sour yogurt after every meal is good to keep acidity at bay. Yogurt contains good bacteria that helps in digestion of food and keeps acidity at bay.

How To Make

Do not mix sugar or other syrup in yogurt. It may not act to cure acidity.


Eat it at the end of the meal.

Plain Yogurt

Follow these home remedies and soon cure acidity. Along with drink plenty of water, fix your lunch and dinner time, do not over stuff your stomach and do not drink alcohol and smoke to cure acidity. Inspite of taking these measures if the problem persists, soon consult a physician.

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