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15 Lesser Known Salts And Their Health And Beauty Benefits


When it comes to salt, table salt is the one name that strikes our minds. Though most would think of table salt as a favouring seasoning, but it offers multiple health and beauty benefits as well. And just like table salt, nature has blessed us with different lesser known unrefined salts that are highly beneficial. And all these lesser known salts offer multiple health and beauty benefits. They are much more powerful than table salt because they are raw, pure, unadulterated and unrefined. In order words, they are untouched by human interference. Amongst many forms of such raw salts, we have handpicked 5 best underrated salts in order to help you reap maximum benefits.

Pink Salt:

Pink salt, better known as pink Himalayan salt, is an unadulterated highly nutritious salt that is loaded with the goodness of 84 natural minerals. It is a kind of rock salt that is reaped from Himalayan rocks. It is native to India and Pakistan, since it is widely formed in the Himalayan belt of these two countries. It is more like a fossil, since it isn’t found on the crust. Instead, it is produced at around 5000 feet under the Himalayan crust. It is much more than a basic salt that contains just sodium chloride. Thus, it offers numerous health and beauty benefits that you cannot even think of.

1. It Improves Bone Health:

Pink salt is exceptionally rich in calcium and potassium. Potassium is an essential mineral that increases the bone mineral density. This makes bones stronger and reduce the risk of fractures. It effectively fights against bone degenerating acids. Calcium on the other hand, increases the bone mineral density by forming a protective layer. In fact, calcium deficiency hollows the bones that result in various bone disorders. Hence, pink salt makes the bones stronger. It reduces joint inflammation and helps people suffering from arthritis, bone degeneration and osteoporosis. It is also an effective agent that reduces the risk of developing bone disorders in old age.

It Improves Bone Health

2. It Reduces Blood Pressure:

Pink salt is an amazing metabolic enhancer. Increased metabolism increases the blood circulation too. Pink salt is loaded with the goodness of iron. Iron is an eminent mineral that binds to red blood cells and provides oxygen to cells and tissues. Increased oxygen level cleanses the body. This results in the reduction and conversion of bad cholesterol into good cholesterol. Reduced cholesterol opens the clogged arteries and veins. This reduces the blood pressure, since the heart needs not to pump harder to supply oxygen anymore. This is because, the narrow openings become wide after accumulated cholesterol is removed from the arteries and veins. This reduces the chances of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks and heart failure.

It Reduces Blood Pressure

3. It Reduces The Risk Premature Skin Aging:

Pink salt is exceptionally rich in skin revitalizing minerals and vitamins. It increases the water level in the cell plasma that keeps the cells plump. Hence, the cells do not shrink and remain hydrated and healthy in all seasons. It also effectively cleanses the cells and reduces free radical formation and accumulation. This further reduces the toxicity. The skin becomes vibrant and the cells become healthy and tighter. Moreover, pink salt, as we know, improves the blood circulation. Increased blood circulation ensures the supply of more oxygen to the skin cells. It makes the skin wrinkle free and tighter. You can also consume it as a flavour enhancer with food. This will improve your skin’s health from inside. And you can also use it to make exfoliating scrubs and face masks to make the epidermis pure and healthy.

It Reduces The Risk Premature Skin Aging

4. Celtic Salt:

Celtic Salt is native to England, Europe, Ireland and France. This is an unadulterated sea salt that can be grey as well as purple in colour. It is cultured from the depth of atlantic sea. It is devoid of chemicals and is harvested by drying sea water under the sun. It contains more than 84 essential minerals and vitamins in their raw form. Needless to say, it offers amazing health and beauty benefits. Other than offering health and beauty benefits, Celtic salt flavours the food much better than table salt does.

Celtic Salt

5. It Reduces The Risk Of Heart Related Disorders:

Celtic salt contains potassium and sodium that work as essential electrolytes. Electrolytes are the most basic requirement of a healthy heart. This is because, electrolytic imbalance disturbs the pulse rate and heart rhythm. This either increases or decreases the heart beat per minute. Increased heart beat can result in palpitation as well as destabilize the blood pressure. Thus, celtic salt supplies the body with essential electrolytic minerals and keep the blood pressure under control. Stable blood pressure reduces the chances of heart attack and heart failure. Thus, this is a one stop salt the maintains your overall heart health.

It Reduces The Risk Of Heart Related Disorders

6. It Improves Digestion:

Celtic salt is a warehouse of essential vitamins that are perfect cleansing agents. They remove toxins from the body that makes the body stronger. This increases the blood circulation and reduces heartburn, gas and bloating. The metabolic rate of the body increases and it reduces constipation. The intestinal muscles get relaxed. This results in better food digestion.


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7. It Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Failure:

Excess sodium can result in renal failure. Not all the sodium that we consume is used by the body. The residue/extra traces of sodium slows down the renal function that reduces the formation and passage of urine. This inefficiency can only be nullified with magnesium. The more pure and unadulterated the magnesium is, the better are the chances of removing kidney harming sodium. And celtic salt is one of the best sources of highly pure magnesium. Thus, it saves the kidney from the long term ill effects of extra sodium that can also result in complete renal shutdown.

It Reduces The Risk Of Kidney Failure

8. Black Hawaiian Salt:

Hawaiian salt is very coarse in texture. It can be red as well as black. Black Hawaiian salt is one therapeutic salt that has its mention in ancient aromatic healing therapies. The black Hawaiian salt is made by mixing white sea crystal with activated charcoal. Its red form though is produced by mixing white crystals with alaea. Black Hawaiian salt is much more than a basic salt that is used for flavoring. It contains a little over 80 essential raw vitamins and minerals. Thus, its therapeutic healing benefits are unmatched.

Black Hawaiian Salt

9. It Removes Toxins:

The black Hawaiian salt is exceptionally rich in activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is an amazing detoxifier. This is why, black Hawaiian salt is used in therapeutic healing. You can simply make a therapeutic detox bath and relax in it. It will flush all the toxins from your body. When consumed as a seasoning, it makes the food aromatic. Needless to say, it cleanses the body and removes all the toxins. Thus, it always maintains the body’s pH level to neutral.

It Removes Toxins

10. Epsom Salt:

Epsom salt is native to England. It was first produced in a small city in England, named Epsom. This is where the name of this beneficial salt comes from. This crystalline salt is enriched with sulfur, oxygen and magnesium. Its basic texture is moist, because it contains high water level. While most people think that Epsom Salt is solely used for beauty purposes, it might be surprising that this water soluble salt has multiple health benefits too.

Epsom Salt

11. It Reduces The Risk Of Lyme Disease:

Lyme disease is an infectious bacterial disease that results in inflammation. Since epsom salt is rich in sulfur, it reduces inflammation. This reduces fever, cold, rashes, headache and muscular spasm in joints. Lyme disease also inflames the spine, brain and heart. Epsom salt contains oxygen. And high oxygen level in cells and tissues improve blood circulation. It reduces palpitation. Magnesium is an essential mineral that is used to detoxify the brain and spine, and create non acidic condition around them. And Epsom salt contain pure magnesium. Thus, it reduces brain and spine inflammation too. Simply soaking your body in epsom salt bath or applying epsom salt water on head and massaging it, reduces the severity of lyme disease.

It Reduces The Risk Of Lyme Disease

12. It Detoxifies The Body:

All you need to detoxify your body and cleanse your system is a relaxing Epsom salt bath. Highly pure magnesium in Epsom salt easily penetrates within the body. It not just detoxifies your epidermis and makes you skin clean, it also revitalizes your system and extracts toxins out from within your body. It also relaxes the tense and stiff muscles. It reduces pain, because Epsom salt is an amazing anti-inflammatory agent.

It Detoxifies The Body

13. It Reduces Constipation:

Epsom Salt is not just an anti-inflammatory stress buster, it is also a natural laxative. Epsom salt dissolved in water, when consumed, relaxes the inflamed intestinal muscles and tissues. It softens the hard faeces. The intestinal walls begin to contract and expand. It also reduces inflammation of the bowels. Thus, the motions gets cleared. This cleanses the stomach and reduces acidity, heartburn, bloating, stomach cramps and gas.

It Reduces Constipation

14. Himalayan Black Salt:

It is more popularly known as kala Namak. This is one ayurvedic salt that changes colour when crushed.

Himalayan Black Salt

15. It Improves Digestion:

Himalayan black salt is water soluble and an ayurvedic laxative that cleanses the body. It reduces stomach cramps and improves the body’s metabolism. It softens faeces that reduces constipation. Reduced constipation also reduces acidity, gastric pain, heartburn and bloating. It is a detoxifying agent that removes all the toxins from the body. Additionally, it is a natural home remedy that reduces hysteria. Hysteria is a health disorder caused due to stress. It results in insomnia, anxiety and even depression. Since Himalayan black salt is blessed with the goodness of stress relieving ancient herbs like natron, amla and harad, it is beneficial for people suffering from hysteria.

It Improves Digestion
All the above listed 5 underrated salts offer better health and beauty benefits than many known salts. They are non toxic and safe. They cause no side effects even when consumed.


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