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16 Reasons You Should Dry Brush Your Skin

Skin needs proper exfoliation for the cells to breath and calm down. Not just the face, even the body’s cells are equally hit with pollution, sweat, sun and weather changes. The best way to exfoliate your face skin is using scrubs, but the best way to exfoliate your entire body, including the face and lips, is dry skin brushing. Wondering what dry skin brushing is? Well, gently rubbing your body’s dry skin with a long handle and soft dense bristle brush is dry skin brushing. It has some amazing beauty benefits that you must be aware of. So, we have compiled 16 such amazing benefits that dry skin brushing offers. They can totally transform your skin from the scale of zero to ten. So, let’s get started!

1. It Removes Dead Skin:

First things first! The basic purpose of exfoliation is getting rid of dead skin cells that are the primary texture spoiling culprits. Thus, rubbing a soft bristle brush against dry skin gently removes those dead skin cells, that lay accumulated like a debris on your epidermis.

It Removes Dead Skin

2. It reduces Freckles:

Changing weather and pollution result in skin dryness. And dry skin is full of freckles. While external moisturization is necessary for dry skin, so is internal moisturization. Dry skin brushing increases blood circulation that hydrates skin freckles, and maintains the skin pH level. This results in gentle removal of freckles without resulting in inflammation or bleeding.

It reduces Freckles

3. It regulates Oil Formation:

Gentle exfoliation is very much necessary for dry skin that is chapped. But using a body scrub to remove those freckles and peels on chapped and sensitive skin might cause bleeding. Thus, gently stroke the dry patches of the skin with a very fine bristle brush. It will remove freckles and peeling skin. Which in turn, will reduce itching without causing rashes or bleeding.

It regulates Oil Formation

4. It Removes Trapped Dust:

You must be well aware of face acne, but you must have been hit with body acne at some or the other point of your life. Well, this is because body’s pores too collect oil that attracts dust. Dry brushing the skin gently removes those trapped dirt and oil particles from the skin and restores its pH level to neutral. It opens the clogged body pores, that helps in combating body acne effectively.

It Removes Trapped Dust

5. It Controls Oil Formation:

While dry skin brushing removes oil and sebum, it also controls oil formation. This is because, it not just removes trapped oil, it also shrinks their size by ensuring that the pH level of the skin is restored back to normal. And normal pH keeps a check on sebaceous glands that actually regulate oil formation and secretion.

It Controls Oil Formation

6. It Controls Sweat Induced Acne:

Sweat is one of the major culprits that actually closes the skin pores. It causes itching and inflammation. The body tries to overcome the itching by producing oil. Thus, sweat indirectly overactive sebaceous glands. This causes acne. But dry skin brushing keeps the pores fresh and unclogged. It keeps removing sebum before sweat can actually block the pores. Thus, it regulates oil secretion.


7. It Reduces The Chances Of Cellulite Formation:

Dry skin brushing is one of the best ways that naturally increase the blood circulation. More blood supply means more oxygen supply. And oxygen breaks down accumulated fat to release energy. Thus, dry skin brushing actually makes an amazing anti-cellulite natural treatment.

It Reduces The Chances Of Cellulite Formation

8. It Gets Rid Of Ingrown Hair:

Every one of us is well aware of the ingrown hair bumps that are painful, and can actually result in boils. Dry skin brushing opens skin pores. And closed pores are where the hair are actually trapped. Thus, dry skin brushing actually gives the hair a chance to grow in their actual direction.

It Gets Rid Of Ingrown Hair

9. It improves The Skin’s Texture:

Patchy skin that is full of acne bumps and hair bumps is uneven and coarse. Dry skin brushing removes the blotches and the overall skin becomes smooth and feather soft. It wouldn’t happen overnight though. Start dry brushing your skin every night before you sleep. And the results will start showing up in 15 days.

It improves The Skin’s Texture

10. It Makes The Skin Toned And Radiant:

Dry skin brushing releases toxins by busting the accumulated fat. It also triggers oxygen supply by improving circulation. And improved blood circulation results in the timely drainage of accumulated lymph. This makes the skin taut and firm. It also promotes formation of new skin cells by increasing collagen formation. The resulting skin glows and looks up to 2 tones brighter.

It Makes The Skin Toned And Radiant

11. It Makes The Skin Fairer:

It might sound weird, but the benefits of dry skin brushing aren’t just curtailed to epidermal betterment. It removes acne marks by removing oil and affected epidermis. It also removes tanning by removing the dead cells burnt due to sun and heat. This makes shrunken cells healthier. And increased oxygen results in the formation of new cells that are blemish free. As a result, the skin becomes spotless and looks fairer.

It Makes The Skin Fairer

12. It MakesThe Skin Younger:

Increased blood circulation and well regulated lymph fluid flow improve the collagen health. Collagen is the binding protein that actually holds tissues together. Stronger the collagen, tighter the cells are. Thus, dry skin brushing reduces the appearance of wrinkles, cracks and fine lines by forming elastic skin cells that are flexible. It also makes the shrunken cells plump and spotless, and replaces dead cells with new cells.

It MakesThe Skin Younger

13. It Re-Hydrates Tired Skin By Increasing Nutrient Absorption:

Just like the body gets tired, so does the skin. Due to constant pollution and sun exposure, the cells become toxic, dull and lifeless. Such cells are stressed, and it results in skin tiring. Dry skin brushing improves the nervous functioning by causing a tingling sensation to tips of the nerve endings, closing at the skin. This instructs the mind to supply more nutrients to the shrinking cells. As a result, the skin gets rehydrated and becomes plump.

It Re-Hydrates Tired Skin By Increasing Nutrient Absorption

14. It Eases Muscular Stress:

Needless to say, activated nervous system, improved blood circulation and oxygen supply, and properly regulated lymphatic flow, relax the tense tissues that make up muscles. This makes the body energetic and vibrant. It also detoxifies the body indirectly. This results in an overall refreshed and elevated mood that actually relieves mental stress too.

It Eases Muscular Stress

15. It Makes The Skin Dermatologically Ready:

You might be wanting to undergo cosmetic treatments like peeling or toning to make your skin more attractive. Dry skin brushing refreshes the pores that actually keeps them open for absorption of fruit nutrients that offer desired results like acne control and hyper-pigmentation removal.

It Makes The Skin Dermatologically Ready

16. It Makes The Lips Pink:

You can dry brush your lips too. Just ensure to be 10 times gentle while dry brushing your lip skin. This will remove lip lines and make your lips fuller by improving blood circulation. And improved blood circulation will remove blackness and dryness. Which in turn, will make the lips pink.

It Makes The Lips Pink

And what’s better than getting all these benefits easily at home at the cost of no money? Thus, the benefits of dry skin brushing are at par with any other method of skin pampering. You can also dry brush your face. But you have to ensure that you keep it much milder than body brushing. Also, dry brushing after taking a shower and patting the skin dry offers better results.

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