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20 Awesome Home Remedies That Handle Vitiligo

Vitiligo is known to be one of the most prominent skin diseases where the skin is accumulated with some white patches. This skin disease is indeed chronic and said to last for years or the entire life time. Vitiligo isn’t contagious and can acquire due to weak immunity system of a person.

Many studies have proved this can even be the result of genetic disorder where the effect can last for generations. This is actually the loss of coloring pigment of the skin where the cells known as melanocytes are killed when a person is struck with this disease. The loss of skin color might be in the majority of the body parts including eyes, face, arms etc. In this context, this article features some spectacular home remedies that deal with vitiligo and aid to reduce the extent of this particular chronic disease.

1. Avoid Tattoos:

Tattoos are indeed fantasies to many individuals but most of them wouldn’t be aware of what tattoos are. These are actually a kind of body modification where the skin pigment color is actually transformed with the help of dermis and ink. During vitiligo many of the individuals opt for tattoos for the reason that it covers the skin and enables them to shade the disease prone part. However it must always be kept in mind that these tattoos can give birth to new vitiligo due to the skin modification and hence it has to be avoided.[1]

Avoid Tattoos

2. Radish Seeds:

Many studies have proved that radish seeds are quite effective in the regeneration of melanin in the humans. However, proper procedure must be followed before consuming these seeds and it’s highly recommended to use the seeds in the mentioned way. Initially crush a few radish seeds and make it into fine powder. Later it must thoroughly be mixed with small amounts of vinegar to obtain a fine paste. After getting to acquire the paste, one has to apply it over the skin where it’s affected by vitiligo and has to keep it for atleast one quarter of an hour. This method has to be repeated for over six moths where one can spot a dark layer of skin covering the white patches.[2]

Radish Seeds

3. Walnuts:

Many doctors do suggest the use of walnuts which are highly famed for dealing with vitiligo as the properties of walnuts are well known to reduce the extent of white patches. For this all one has to do is simply eat a handful of walnut daily. Alternatively walnuts can also be made into fine powder and mix with water thoroughly to obtain a paste like substance. This paste or mixture has to be applied on the areas effected to experience some better results on the whole.[3]


4. Mama Cadela Roots:

Brosimum gaudichaudii is commonly known as Mama Cadela is a shrub that is native to the Brazilian archipelago. This plant is quite well known to deal with the white patches that occur due to vitiligo. An extract can be obtained by actually boiling the roots of the plant and this extract has to be applied on the areas affected. After applying one has to leave it for ten minutes and wash off thoroughly. This process can yield better results by reducing the white blotches. Also the delicious fruit of Mama Cadela plant can also be consumed as it’s quite well known to deal with vitiligo.[4]

Mama Cadela Roots

5. Margosa Leaves:

Margosa is actually one such a plant that is renowned for its medicinal properties. Almost all the parts of the plant including the seeds, leaves, bark, roots are renowned to be used in the preparation of medicines and the leaves of the plant are popularly known to heal vitiligo and reduce the blotches on the skin. A medicinal drink has to be prepared with the usage of margosa leaves and has to be consumed frequently in a day. This process has to be repeated for months to experience some better results.[5]

Margosa Leaves

6. Consuming More Water:

It is said that water can be the main cause for 80% of the diseases across the planet. Also the Japanese are known to have a higher life span than many individuals and the secret behind it is that they consume few glasses of water just after waking up from bed. This unveils the importance of water in the body and surprisingly drinking lots of water can even reduce the extent of the white patches on the skin. It is highly recommended to store water in a copper vessel and by following this process can increase the amount of melanin on the skin and fade out the whiteness on the whole.[6]

Consuming More Water

7. Reduce Stress:

Stress is not only well known to increase the extent of vitiligo but also prominent to increase many of the health problems of an individual. In this regard, there’s a lot of necessity to reduce the stress levels in the body and this can only be possible by following certain measures such as yoga, meditation, consuming some favorites, interaction etc. Also many studies unveiled the fact that stress can solely be the reason for vitiligo to occur and reducing the levels can yield many better results.[7]

Reduce Stress

8. Lamb’s Quarters:

This is actually a fast growing weedy plant that’s native to many temperate regions of the planet. This plant is known to contain some high amounts of proteins, vitamins, folic acid that can be highly helpful and a suitable natural alternative for dealing with vitiligo.[8]

Lamb's Quarters

9. Use Of Sunscreens:

When vitiligo strikes a person, the skin becomes a lot sensitive than the usual and hence there’s a lot of need to protect the skin from the fuming sun which generates some high ultraviolet radiation. In this context sunscreens can be highly helpful as they are quite well known to handle the damage caused.[9]

Use Of Sunscreens

10. Figs:

Figs are generally consumed in the raw form and eating a lot of figs can pop out to be a lot worthy as figs are famed to improve the blood circulation levels in the entire body. This in turn propagates the growth of melanin in the body all in all.[10]


11. Leadwort:

This is actually a flowering plant that is native to the tropical regions of the planet. These are quite well known to handle the cases of vitiligo and all one has to do is to make a paste of leadwort roots and water and apply on the patches. This process helps a lot in yielding better results.[11]

12. Copper Rrich Foods:

Copper in indeed one of the most important mineral in the body and consuming copper rich foods can be of high importance at times of suffering with vitiligo. This is because copper assists a lot in eliminating the free radicals that are fatal to melanin and also promotes the propagation of melanin.[12]

Copper Rrich Foods

13. Red Clay:

Red clay is mostly found at the river beds and has high amounts of copper in it. This property features red clay as a worthy natural remedy to handle vitiligo as it assists a lot in re pigmentation of the skin by enhancing melanin production.[13]

Red Clay

14. Turmeric:

Turmeric is itself prominent to possess many medicinal properties and some of them are quite beneficial as the potency to treat vitiligo is quite high in the case of turmeric powder. Turmeric must be mixed with mustard oil to obtain a fine paste and this has to be applied regularly on the patches to eliminate the extent of vitiligo.[14]


15. Avoid Certain Foods:

Apart from consuming some of the natural remedies, there are even certain foods which are to be highly avoided during the sufferings. Some of them include high seasonal foods, beverages like coffee etc. Alcohol is known to possess many adverse affects on a person suffering from vitiligo.[15]

16. Basil Leaves:

Basil leaves are quite prominent to possess many anti aging and anti viral properties that helps a lot in promoting the skin health. Also another fact is that the paste obtained when the basil leaves are mixed with lime juice is known to promote the production of melanin on the whole.[16]

Basil Leaves

17. Khellin:

Khellin is widely used in many medicinal industries due to its highly effective properties. This is known to handle certain diseases such as asthma, psoriasis etc. Also this can be a lot worthy in handling the cases of vitiligo and all one has to do is to prepare an extract and apply it on areas affected. This process can pop out to be highly useful when used for four to five months.[17]


18. Honey:

This is one of the most easily accessible home remedy and assists a lot in case of vitiligo. Also it’s highly recommended to use the organic honey over processed honey in this regard. The best way to use honey is to consume one table spoon daily on the whole.[18]


19. Garlic:

Garlic assists a lot in improving the immunity systems of the body and this property helps in the case of vitiligo.[19]


20. Cabbage Juice:

Applying cabbage juice on the areas of patches can reduce the extent of whiteness on the skin and also cabbage is commonly available in any of the grocery stores.[20]

Cabbage Juice

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