4 Excellent Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain


4 Excellent Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain

If you are suffering from diseases like chronic joint pain, then there is nothing better than consuming herbs. Such a pain may occur due to a lot of reasons, namely, wrong body postures or due to some stretch.

The good thing about herbs is that there are no side-effects of herbs and the culture of consumption of herbs to cure joint pains and even to improve immunity, in general, has seen its traces in ancient past, since the time of Ayurveda. Have a look at the best four herbs that are potent joint-pain relievers:

Herbs That Relieve Joint Pain


Burdock is a dark-green plant, having large leaves. If one is suffering from irritating joint pain, then having Burdock roots in the food may help. It is the best herbal remedy available in the market. Burdock’s root contains large amount of phytosterols, which helps in reducing swellings caused by any injury and is well known for relieving any kind of joint pains in the body.

Burdock for Joint Pain

Cats Claw

Nature has given us so many gifts; it depends on our use of them, whether or not we use them for our benefit. Cat Claw is one of those natural gifts. It was in the year 1957 that doctors realised that Cat Claw is truly effective in stabilizing any kind of swellings and joint pains. Cat Claw is found in the stems of pineapple. It directly contacts with the central nervous system of our body and helps in reducing joint pains. This herb forms a constituent of the ingredients of not just Ayurvedic medicines, but certain homeopathic and allopathic joint pain relieving medicines, too.

Cats Claw Joint Pain


Arnica is another herb which possesses the natural qualities of a potent join-pain reliever. Due to its softness and its yellow-orange look, it looks quite similar to the sunflower plant. Medical sciences across the globe have reached the consensus that Arnica is an absolutely harmless herb which is truly effective in curing joint pains among humans. It is assumed that an improvement in and the regulation of blood circulation of the body may lead to a considerable decline in joint pain; the good news is that Arnica does exactly this – regulating blood circulation.

Arnica Joint Pain


A handsome portion of the world population consumes turmeric on a daily basis and turmeric forms the basic ingredient of their everyday food, in almost every dish – be it cooked vegetables or sweet-dishes. The Ayurvedic benefits of turmeric have been known for thousands of years now. Mix half a spoon of turmeric in a glass of hot milk to get rid of not only joint pains. Its anti-inflammatory property makes it a favourite herbal medicine to cure common bruises on skin, cuts in the flesh or injuries which cause swellings and joint-pains. It contains antioxidants and, as a result, works as an antiseptic in even serious injuries and helps at the time of bleeding.

Turmeric Joint Pain

Using herbs is an absolutely harmless yet effective way of getting rid of joint pains. One can, without any hesitation or apprehensions, try out the above-mentioned conveniently available and easily consumable remedies and see the instant positive effects thereof.


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