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5 Amazing Home Remedies For Bee Sting

Bee sting is very annoying and painful. The pain caused from bee sting usually lasts for couple of hours. In rare cases, this problem can become complicated. If a person is stung by a bee, check for any intense allergic reactions. Some people are at the risk of developing anaphylactic shock. Immediate medical advice and emergency treatments should be given to such person to protect them from life-threatening dangers. If the allergic reaction is mild, symptoms like redness, swelling, itching, pain and warmth can be seen. In such cases, home remedies can help to alleviate the symptoms of bee sting. As a first step, you are required to take away the stringer as soon as possible. This is to ensure that it doesn’t have any time to instill venom into your body anymore. You can do so with the help of sterile needle, medical tape, tweezers and fingernails. Once done, wash your skin with warm soap water.

Here Are 5 Amazing Home Remedies For Bee Sting:

1. Vinegar And Baking Soda

This remedy works great in reducing the annoying symptoms of bee sting. Apply some amount of baking soda on the affected area. Later, pour some vinegar drops on the affected area. [1]You can notice fizzing. This process helps in easing the soreness pretty fast.

 Vinegar and Baking Soda

2. Honey

To lessen the effect of pain, you can smear some drops of honey on the affected area. This process can be followed as many times as required all through the day. [2]Honey can be considered as an effective home remedy for bee stings.


3. Toothpaste

For reducing the pain and swelling, toothpaste remedy can be followed. Just smear some amount of toothpaste on the affected area. [3]Toothpaste acts as a wonderful pain relieving agent. This ingredient is used for handling various skin infections.


4. Ice Pack

Ice pack when used on sting area helps in giving you a great relief from the inflammation, itching and pain caused by bee sting. [4]You can directly put some ice on the affected area helps in easing the symptoms.

Ice Pack

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is very helpful in handling various kinds of ailments including bee stings. Extract the gel from aloe vera leaf and smear it on the affected area. [5]This remedy gives soothing effect and helps in reducing the annoying symptoms of bee sting. Instant relief can be gained with this amazing aloe vera remedy.

Aloe Vera

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