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5 Amazing Homemade Face Masks For Rose Tinted Pinkish Cheeks

Women is generally considered as an Epitome of splendid Beauty and what if she has a naturally looking rose-tinted Pinkish cheeks as well. Won’t it add to her wow factor?  Most of us have a frame set that only a blusher or expensive make- up can be the only resort to add a tint of pinkish cheeks.. Now, you need not to worry ,you too can have that natural looking rose-tinted pinkish cheeks and that too using quite a few amazing and chemical free homemade face masks.

Besides adding a rose-tint pinkish color on your cheeks, these amazing homemade face masks are sure to make your skin more brighter, supple, beautiful, smother and softer.

Let’s Have An Insight On 5 Such Amazing Face Masks In Brief:

1. Crushed Almond And Rose Petals Face Mask:

Till you might have heard about enormous benefits of consuming almonds but do have any idea how significant are almonds for getting fairer, brighter and clear skin. Added with Rose –petals which helps to make your skin supple along with giving a tint of pinkish color on your cheeks and making your face nourished.

 Method Of Preparation:

Take a small container  and put the  grounded almond paste and crushed rose petals into it. Now add about 5 teaspoons of mint juice and a teaspoon of honey into it. Blend this mixture well into a consistent paste and apply it on your clean face. The addition of rose petals in this face mask helps you to get a pinkish texture on your cheeks and the crushed almonds helps to exfoliate your skin.

Crushed Almond And Rose Petals Face Mask

2. Beetroot And Glycerin Face Mask:

 The most amazing component of this face mask is ‘Beetroot’ that is the rich source of anti-oxidants, that besides giving the pinkish tone to your cheeks helps in the sound nourishment of your skin thus making it fresh and radiant. Along with an add-on ‘Glycerin’, which helps to make your cheeks soft, moisturized and supple by offering its laxative properties.

 Method Of Preparation :

For preparing this amazing face mask, first of all you need to wash and peel off the Beetroot. Then take a small vessel and chop the beetroot into small pieces. Now add 1 tablespoon of Glycerin along with half a up of water into it, in such a way that all the chopped beetroot pieces will get fully immersed into the glycerin. Put these ingredients to boil for about 15-20 minutes. Then, allow this beetroot-glycerin concoction to cool and then stain it in some glass bottle. Refrigerate it for half an hour and then smear up this concoction regularly on your cheeks for about 10-15 minutes. Rinse your face with plain water and visualize the rose, pinkish-tint on your cheeks.

Beetroot And Glycerin Face Mask

3. Cucumber ,Honey And Lemon Face Mask:

The ingredients involved in this awesome homemade face mask for pinkish cheeks not only offers a cooling and soothing effect on your skin but also goes a long way in giving the touch of a natural pink blusher to your cheeks. Regular massaging of this face mask on your face also helps in improving the circulation of blood in the long run.

 Method Of Preparation :

First of all you need to wash, peel off and grate the cucumber.Then extract its juice in a medium sized bowl. Then,add some honey  and juice of half a lemon and blend them well, so as to make a paste of thick consistency. Transfer these contents in a glass bottle and put it in refrigerator for 7-8 hours.Apply this homemade face mask on your clean face and keep it as it is for about 20-25 minutes. When it gets dried up, then rinse it off with plain water and see the miraculous effects of this homemade face mask.

Cucumber ,Honey And Lemon Face Mask

4. Fresh Rose- Petals And Glycerin Face Mask:

Nothing can be as wonderful as the  fresh rose petals face mask to offer you a rose-tint with pinkish effect on the cheeks. Applying this homemade face mask not only offers a sense of purity but the natural tinctures present in the rose petals helps to add natural pinkish texture to your cheeks. and addition of  Glycerin in this pack  helps to keep your skin enough moisturized and radiant.

 Method Of Preparation :

Take a cup of fresh rose petals  and combine it with half a cup of sugar ,few drops of essential oils and about half a teaspoon of Glycerin. Blend this mixture completely so as to make a consistent paste. Now, apply this face mask on your face  for about 10-15 minutes. Then gently massage your face, which tends to exfoliate your skin  and then wash it off with normal water.

Fresh Rose- Petals And Glycerin Face Mask

5. Aloe-Vera Gel And Rose Water Face Mask:

Aloe-Vera gel  is the rich source of anti-oxidant, as it offers innumerable benefits on your skin. Addition of rose water in this homemade face mask adds a tint of rose-pink, sparkling and energetic tone to your skin.

 Method Of Preparation :

Take a small bowl and add to it 2 tablespoon of aloe -Vera gel and 10-12 teaspoons of rose water and mix it properly . Now clean your face and apply this Aloe-Vera and Rose-water face mask on your face and let it dry. Then,  wash your face with Luke- warm water .

Aloe-Vera Gel And Rose Water Face Mask

Thus, to conclude, we can say that do make a trial of all the above mentioned homemade face masks for getting rose-tinted pinkish cheeks and stay cheesy!

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