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5 Amazing Homeremedies For Healthy And Longer Eye-Lashes

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, fluttering and longer Eye-lashes? Longer and thick eye-lashes makes the beauty of your eyes more prominent and hyped. But regrettably, most of the women have either thin eye-lashes or there has been a scanty growth in the eye-lashes. So, at times, they may be required to pelt their eye-lashes with rich coated Mascara or put on some artificial eye-lashes, so as to make their real eye-lashes thicker and bright. But all this is a temporary solution to thhe scanty growth of eye-lashes.

It has been observed that a lot of dynamic factors are responsible for thin and sparse eye-lashes. Some of them include your Age, any kind of nutritional deficit, Genetic disorder, certain Medical sickness, unhealthy diet and many more. However, it has also been perceived that coarsely rubbing of eyes and not washing-off the eye makeup at the end of your long day can also be the prime reasons for thin and sparse eye-lashes.

Now, you need not to worry, we have a long list of amazing and effective home remedies that helps you to have healthy, long and thick eye-lashes. Routinely follow-up of the below emphasized home remedies will sure to yield positive outcomes and nurture your dream for having thick and longer eye-lashes. Let’s have an in-sight into these.

1. Eye-lid’s Massage:

This is one of the best and efficient natural way to endorse the healthy growth of your eye-lashes. Eye-lid’s massage not only stimulates the hair growth of eye lashes but also helps in the circulation of blood, which enables more and more nutrients to reach the hair follicles of your lashes.

For Massaging you can use shea butter, olive/almond oil or even petroleum jelly. Take either of these options on your finger tips and then gently massage your eye lids and upper lash line in circular motions for about 8-10 minutes.

Eye-lid’s Massage

2. Regular Brushing Of Eye-lashes:

Another most wonderful, easiest and sure shot natural way to have long, healthy and thicker eye-lashes is to brush your eye lashes regularly with an eye-lash comb or brush with soft bristles. Nevertheless, it helps to un-clogging the clogged pores besides eradicating all the dirt particles that have been stick to your eyelashes, thus becoming a hindrance in the growth of lashes to a greater extent.

What you have to do is to just pour out some drops of Vitamin E oil on the eyelash comb having soft-bristles and then comb your lashes mildly initiating from the root of the-lashes then proceeding towards its tip. Do try it on routine basis for about 5-10 minutes to get the fruitful results.

Regular Brushing Of Eye-lashes

3. Amalgamation Of Aloe-Vera And Jojoba Oil Eye-lash Serum :

This is a tried and tested remedy for healthy and longer eye lashes. We are talking about the Amalgamated serum made of aloe-Vera gel and Jojoba oil. Aloe-Vera is a rich source of various vital nutrients and vitamins that boots up the growth of your eye-lashes besides making them quite appealing, moisturized and thick. Another major ingredient of this serum is Jojoba oil, which has got fantastic re-generative properties and it can be best used for an extensive growth of hair follicles of your eye-lashes.

You just need to mix altogether aloe-Vera gel and jojoba oil and then apply this infused oil serum on your eyelashes with the help of neat Mascara wand at least twice a day. Keep this serum on your lashes for at least 20 minutes and apply it preferably in the morning after waking up and at night, before bedtime. Then, wash it off with Luke-warm water and see the awesome results.

Amalgamation Of Aloe-Vera And Jojoba Oil Eye-lash Serum

4. Green Tea For Thicker Eye-Lashes:

Till now, you might have heard about enormous benefits of Green Tea for your health and skin as well. But do you have any idea, how beneficial is this natural ingredient in the healthy growth of your eye-lashes. A recent research has been carried out on the effectiveness of Green Tea and it has been revealed that Green Tea is an admirable ingredient that helps to depreciate and block the amounts of Dihydrotestosterone hormones, which has the property of attaching itself to the follicles of the hair and then shrinking them away in a significant manner.

You just need to boil some water in a sauce pan and add a bag of green tea in it. Then, let it cool for a while. Now, take a soaked cotton ball and dip it in the infused mixture of green tea and then keep these balls on your eyelids for about 5-10 minutes. Try to use it daily during bed time for better results.

Green Tea For Thicker Eye-Lashes

5. Intake Of Balanced Diet:

Balanced and healthy diet also contributes a lot in promoting the growth of blushful, healthy and thick eye-lashes. This is the key factor that helps to boost up the hair growth of your lashes internally from healthy diet.

For having  thick and longer eyelashes, try to include a  protein rich diet in your diet plan, which includes Fish, Eggs, Meat and with the addition of green leafy vegetables and seasonal fruits like Guavas and apples in your diet chart. This not only boosts your metabolism but also adds to the voluminous growth in your eye-lashes.

Intake Of Balanced Diet

So guys, do try these quite amazing,tried and tested and effective ways for getting thick and healthy eye lashes.

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