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5 Amazing Natural Face Masks For Oily And Acne Prone Skin

Healthy and glowing skin is always demanded by females because such skin adds utmost glamour to their look. They never hesitate to use different cosmetic products to improve their face glory and to look beautiful and charming forever. However, use of harsh chemical based cosmetics is somehow dangerous for skin’s health and may lead to different skin related complications. Skin problems like acne, pimples or pigmented skin also aroused due to other factors like improper diet, improper skin care and adverse impact of environment pollution. If you too have acne prone skin or issue of oily skin then you can easily get rid of it naturally by applying natural face packs in an appropriate way regularly.

Following Are 5 Amazing Natural Face Masks For Your Skin That Will Keep Your Skin Flawless And Away From Complex Skin Problems:-

1. Carrot And Honey Face Mask:

Carrot and its juice is highly beneficial for skin health of its regular user due to its richness in Vitamin C, beta carotene and vitamin K.

Ingredient Used:

1 fresh carrot
½ tbsp honey

Method Of Preparation:

If you’ve oily skin then you must prepare a face pack of carrot grinding 1 fresh carrots and then mixing 1 tablespoon of honey followed by applying such paste to your face for 15 minutes before washing it off with cold water..The antibacterial properties of honey in this face mask makes the skin free from pimples and acne whereas carrot soaks excess sebum of face thereby removing the oil completely from it and balancing out the oily skin surface.

Carrot And Honey Face Mask

2. Avocado And Egg Face Mask:

Avocado is well known as a natural hair conditioner but many of you don’t know that it is equally good for skin too. Avocado is extremely rich in fatty acids and antioxidants that rejuvenates the skin from inside and gives a youthful look to dull skin. Its richness in Vitamin E safeguards the skin against exposure to sun. Face mask prepared with avocado and egg whites gives clear skin and removes skin tan.

Ingredient used:

1 egg white
1 tbsp of honey
¼ cup avocado extract

Method Of Preparation:

You can prepare avocado face mask by mixing honey, egg whites and avocado extract together to form a paste followed by applying such paste to your face for 15 minutes and finally washing your face with cold water to attain desirable result in making your skin oil free.

Avocado And Egg Face Mask

3. Potato And Curd Face Mask:

Potato is a natural skin radiating vegetable that reduces age spots, pigmentation and other unwanted spots from facial skin. Potatoes contain all essential vitamins needed for skin glowing and its richness in iron as well as protein gives fast relief to the sunburned skin. Curd, on the other hand, gives extra moisture to the dry skin and makes the dull looking skin somehow healthy and supple.

Ingredient Used:

1 spoon smash potato paste
½ spoon curd

Method Of Preparation:

You can easily prepare the potato and curd face mask by mixing the curd to the smashed potato paste and then applying such mixture to your face for 10 minutes. When such paste becomes pack dry then you must wash your face with cold water to attain naturally glowing skin.

Potato And Curd Face Mask

4. Oatmeal And Milk Face Mask:

Oatmeal is an amazing face mask for skin exfoliation and has an ability to remove all the dirt’s deposited on dead skin cells. Milk is also a fantastic natural moisturizer that gives soft, smooth and radiant skin to its user. Face pack of oatmeal and milk soothes the skin and maintains glow of radiant skin for a longer time interval.

Ingredient Used:

1/2 spoon oatmeal
1 cup of milk

Method Of Preparation:

You can prepare the oatmeal and milk face mask by mixing oatmeal and milk together and then soaking the paste for sometime before applying it to your face. You need to apply this face mask on the clean face for 15 minutes followed by its washing with cold water. You must apply this face mask twice a week for maintaining natural glow of your face forever.

Oatmeal And Milk Face Mask

5. Tomato And Lemon Face Mask:

Tomato is highly rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which aids in repairing the damaged skin cells thereby rejuvenating the dead skin again. Antioxidants present in tomatoes and lemon removes the excess of oil residing on facial skin and it opens the pores of skin cells. Lemon juice is an amazing skin moisturizer that exfoliates the skin and cleans the dirt residing on facial skin completely.

Ingredient Used:

1 mashed tomatoes
2-3 drops of lemon juice

Method Of Preparation:

To prepare the tomato and lemon face mask, you need to mix the mashed tomatoes and peels of lemon along with lemon juice and then applying the paste to your face for 10 minutes. You must rinse your face with cold water and then applying any chemical free lotion to your face for removing oiliness completely from your face.

Tomato And Lemon Face Mask

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