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5 Amazing Remedies To Get Rid Of Narcolepsy


Narcolepsy is indeed a sort of sleep disorder that effects a person in the form of a neurological defect. The persons suffering from narcolepsy do suffer many of the complications in their life as they actually get to sleep most of the daytime as sleep doesn’t usually occur according to the routine. This can create some high tremors as this narcolepsy highly effects a person especially during the time when he’s in work or struck in traffic etc. The extent of sleep period might actually be many ranging from seconds to hours.

However many reports did suggest that narcoleptic patients can hear the entire surrounding while they are asleep and the only problem with them is simply that they couldn’t get awake. This is something a weird nervous disorder which is actually associated with genetics. Some strong emotions can make you to fall asleep even and these emotions include both positive and negative ones.

1. Don’t Drive Especially During The Times Of Heavy Traffic:

This is something that every narcoleptic has to be quite careful with as driving cars or even other vehicles might get to pop out as fatal ones especially during the cases where there’ s some heavy traffic. During heavy traffic cases or at times when one get’s struck in traffic, there’s indeed a lot of chance to get sleepy and as the ones suffering from narcolepsy find sleep as a high involuntary act, driving at such cases might leave you on the road helpless.

This can even be the main cause for some accidents to happen at times. Hence it is highly advisable for all the individuals suffering from narcolepsy to reduce or avoid driving on the roads to the maximum possible extent to experience some of the better results, else neglecting this might even risk your life as well.[1]

Don't Drive Especially During The Times Of Heavy Traffic

2. Reduce The Intake Of Coffee And Alcohol:

Coffee indeed has some high amounts of caffeine in it and it is proved that this compound isn’t highly beneficial to health and it has got many of the health disadvantages as well. However for a person suffering from narcolepsy, caffeine is something that is extremely fatal and this has to be stopped to the maximum possible extent. Caffeine has a tendency to reduce your sleep levels and further weakens the nervous system and increase the extent of the disease.

It is also a proved fact that narcolepsy can also lead to many of the other diseases such as high blood pressure etc. Consumption of alcohol also has many adverse effects on the narcoleptic patients and this is known to induce sound sleep which has to be reverses in those individuals. Hence it is highly recommended that the persons suffering from narcolepsy doesn’t consume alcohol and coffee and experience some better things as far as their sleep levels are concerned.[2]

Reduce The Intake Of Coffee And Alcohol

3. St.John’s Wort:

St.John’s Wort is actually a herb that is highly helpful in handling the cases of narcolepsy and promote the immunity system of an individual against narcolepsy. Hence it is recommended to all those individuals suffering from this disease.[3]

St.John's Wort

4. Proper Diet:

It is highly recommended for all the persons suffering from narcolepsy to intake foods that are rich in vitamin D and vitamin B.[4]

Proper Diet

5. Country Mallow:

This herb is highly beneficial to the nervous system and is also proved to be extremely beneficial for narcoleptic patients.[5]

Country Mallow


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