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5 Best Home Remedies For Managing Cirrhosis Of The Liver

Cirrhosis of the liver can be referred as an advanced stage of the liver disease. The symptoms or signs of this disorder cannot be noticed until the damage of the liver is severe. The reasons such as excessive consumption of alcohol for a longer period, liver inflammation, accumulation of fat in the liver, autoimmune hepatitis, inherited digestive disorder, hemochromatosis, and intake of certain medications like methotrexate etc contribute this liver disease. The complications of this liver disease include spleen enlargement, bleeding, swelling in the abdomen and legs, bone disease, jaundice, and higher risk of liver cancer etc. There are some amazing home remedies for this disease. Although these remedies do not reverse this condition; they have the capability of reducing the complications and symptoms of cirrhosis of the liver.

In This Article, Let Us Discuss Such Effective Home Remedies

1. Green Tea:

Antioxidant properties are rich in green tea. These properties are highly beneficial in inhibiting the virus growth which can worsen the cirrhosis of the liver. Moreover, these antioxidant properties play a pivotal role in protecting the affected liver from the stress of oxidative. Thus, green tea ensures you with better liver function. The persons with cirrhosis of the liver are recommended to take green tea for three to five times a day.[1]


2. Lemon:

Lemon is very helpful for the better functioning of the liver. Take a lemon and peel it. Then, chop that lemon into very small pieces. Now, blend honey with these lemon pieces. Consume them. Start this process with one lemon on the first day. Then you need to go as high as ten lemons in a day. For this, you need to add one extra lemon each day. Then, you need to go backward down to one lemon per day. Note that you should remain on a juice diet and fruit when this procedure is going on.[2]


3. Tomato:

The liver inflammation which occurs due to the cirrhosis of the liver can be reduced with the raw tomatoes. The benefits of the tomatoes can be enjoyed when you rely only upon the consumption of tomato juices and raw tomatoes entirely for 1 to 3 days. You can also mix tomato juice with carrot juice for enjoying extra medicinal benefits and flavor.[3]


4. Spinach And Carrot Juice:

Spinach and carrot juice can be considered as an effective home remedy for cirrhosis of the liver. All you have to do is to just take ½ cup of spinach juice and mix it with ½ glass of carrot juice. This mixture must be consumed on a regular basis for noticing better results.[4]


5. Papaya Seeds:

Papaya seeds are also found to be highly effective in making your liver healthy. For this, you are required to obtain juice from papaya seeds by grinding them. Take one tablespoon of this juice and mix with 10 drops of freshly squeezed lime juice. A person with cirrhosis of liver must consume this mixture for one time or two times on a daily basis. This process should go on for one month.[5]


Besides these home remedies, the patients with cirrhosis of the liver are advised to give up alcohol. The patients should take enough bed rest. Application of cold and hot compresses on the liver area for two or three minutes in a day is found to be beneficial. Patients should do the breathing and other exercises, and the morning dry friction. The patient should prevent all the processed, canned foods, refined foods, fried foods, strong coffee and tea, condiments, and spices. Foods which are prepared with oil, butter, and ghee are not to be offered to the patient. Meat should not be given to the patient. The usage of salt must be restricted.

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