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5 Best Home Remedies For Managing Heat Rash

Prickly heat is the other name of heat rash. This is one of the most common skin problems. It appears in pink or red color. These rashes are found on the body that is covered by clothing. Itching and sweating are the main discomforts associated with heat rash. This skin problem is quite prevalent in too warmly dressed babies. But, the adults can also be caught with this skin problem during the humid and hot climates. These rashes look like tiny pimples or dots which emerge on the shoulders, neck and head. They get irritated by scratching and clothing.

However, This Skin Problem Can Be Reduced By The Effective Home Remedies

1. Cornstarch:

Cornstarch is very useful in reducing the symptoms of most irritating problems such as heat rash. All you have to do is to just take 2/3 cup of cornstarch and add it to 1/3 cup baking soda. Mix these ingredients in your bathwater. The bath water must be cool. Taking bath with cooler water is highly known to be helpful in soothing your heat rash.[1]


2. Potato:

Irritated skin problems can be well handled by potato. This marvelous vegetable reduces the redness, irritation and inflammation associated with heat rash. Take a piece of raw potato. Rub your affected area with this potato slice. The cooling effects of potato reduce the itchiness.[2]


3. Baking Soda:

Baking soda is very effective in giving you relief from heat rash. This superb ingredient relieves you from annoying itching of prickly heat. ½ cup or one cup of this ingredient must be added to your cool bathwater. Soak in that bathwater for fifteen minutes to twenty minutes. After that, pat dry your skin. Then, apply little baking soda on your heat rashes. It absorbs the sweat from your heat rash and clears it.[3]


4. Cold Compress:

Application of cold compress on the heat rashes offers you fastest relief. Just take face cloth or sponge and soak in cold water. After soaking, squeeze the excess water from the cloth or sponge. Then, apply it on the affected area. This method can be followed as many times as you want.[4]


5. Ginger Bath:

Another fantastic remedy for getting rid of heat rash is ginger. For this, firstly take quart of boiling water. Drop ½ cup of fresh grated ginger in that water. Boiling the ginger is not recommended as it loses its effectiveness. Just place it in the boiled water and keep the mixture aside for five minutes. Then strain and cool the solution. Then, a towel must be soaked in that ginger water. Then, squeeze the towel and apply on the heat rashes. Ginger is very helpful in improving blood circulation. Thus, provides fast relief from heat rash.[5]


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