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5 Best Home Remedy To Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes can are one of the major problems that spoil the morning of many. It is not ideal for a fresh morning and sends a wrong signal in terms of habits. Moreover, it projects a state of lifestyle which is low in terms of health. The reasons are innumerable for the eye bags that vary from allergies to a lack of sleep. Also, various irritants that are put on the body can lead to the development of eye bags like chemicals found in perfumes, cosmetics, etc. Thankfully there are various home remedies that can use to combat this problem. Let’s have a look on the 5 best remedy that will rectify those puffy eyes and regain the overall look:

1. Potato:

A slice of raw potato can do a world of good to the eyes. The slice of raw potato must be refrigerated into two and then must be placed over eyes in a gentle manner. It must be placed in a manner so that the puffed areas are covered and must be left for approximately 15 minutes. A noteworthy change can be observed after continuous use for a fortnight. It will lead to a reduction of the eye bags.[1]

2. Milky way:

It is another effective mechanism that will help to get rid of the puffed eyes. It is simple to perform. The cotton pads must be dipped in chilled milk and the same must be placed on the eyelids. It must be kept for 20 minutes so that the areas around the eyes can absorb water and will help to provide a cooling effect.[2]


3. Tea Bags:

Both green and black tea can be helpful in this treatment. More antioxidants are present in green tea and will be more effective in nature. Further, it will aid in eliminating the irritation. It needs to be noted that green tea even abounds in health benefits. On the contrary, herbal tea can be used in this process like chamomile that provides a calming effect.
Tea bags must be soaked in hot water for 2 minutes and then it must be left to cool. The tea bags must be placed on the eyes while lying down. This must last for the duration of 10 minutes and the same process must be repeated for two times a day.[3]

Tea Bags

4. Salt Water:

This method resides on the concept of osmosis to eliminate the excess water from the eye region. Moreover, salt water can be utilized for treating the infection in the eye. A half teaspoon of salt must be mixed with 4 cups of water. The water must be warm because it is essential for the salt to get dissolved. The mixture should not be made too hot ass the eyes might burn. Cotton balls or eye pads must be dipped in saline water and must be placed over the eyelids for few minutes. This must be repeated for few times.[4]
Salt Water

5.  Aloe Vera:

This plant ranks high when it comes to antioxidants and vitamin E. It helps in the process of soothing and nourishing the eyes. It even helps in reducing the wrinkles. Further, it is tagged as the favourite natural treatment for the skin around the eye. The fresh leaves of aloe vera must be acquired and the gel must be extracted by opening them. It must be applied gently to the eyes and ensure that it does not enter into the eyes. This is even helpful for the tiring eyes due to the ingredients present in it. The massage will help in improvement of the blood circulation and reduction of the puffiness.[5]

Aloe Vera


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