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5 Constipation Causing Foods That Must Be Avoided

Constipation is one of the leading issues which can cause severe troubles in body and can affect the health severely! There are a lot of disbelief regarding foods which can cause constipation which you must get cleared. Constipation adversely affects our body and weakens the digestive system. Also it can cause weight gain, obesity and such issues. Thus, it is important to avoid the foods which can reduce the capability of our digestive system to digest the food effectively! If you are suffering from constipation on regular basis, you must make some changes in your diet while eliminating the foods causing constipation from your diet.

Here Are The Worst Foods Which Can Cause Constipation And You Must Avoid Eating Them:

1. Unripe Bananas:

We all love the delicious and stunning ripe bananas as it can not only help in making the stool smooth and your digestive system booted but also provides numerous health benefits. But unlike ripe bananas, the unripe bananas are the worst enemy of the digestive system. The unripe bananas consist of such elements which can harden the stool and can block up the digestive system causing constipation! Thus, if you love bananas, go for the ripe bananas instead or unripe bananas to avid constipation and feel light! [1]

Unripe Bananas

2. Coffee:

Coffee is the favorite drink which people consume everyday and sometimes twice or thrice a day! This caffeine rich drink has an adverse effect on our digestive system and can lead to various issues like bloating, gas, constipation etc. coffee can cause dehydration which can dry out your stomach. Water and moisture is extremely important to make your digestive system work properly which is destroyed by coffee! Thus, avoid drinking coffee if you are suffering from constipation randomly! This would help in avoiding de hydration and will boost your digestive organs![2]


3. Fried Foods:

Fried foods are extremely hard to digest as it consists of various sugars, extreme fat and cholesterol. The fatty fried foods are hard to digest and can cause blockages in your digestive tract which can lead to gas, bloating and constipation! The fried foods can destroy all the nutrition from your food and make it hard to digest and thus, for improving your digestive system and to avoid constipation, you must avoid the fried foods! The huge undigested chunks f fired foods can cause your intestine to become slow and can also cause constipation! [3]

Fried Foods

4. White Rice:

No doubt that this delicious and yummy food can be sued in making some extremely amazing recipes but it can also lead to constipation. When the rice grains are processed, the bran and husk from rice is removed which can reduce its nutritional value and make it hard to digest. White rice is deprived off all the nutrients and will simply cause heaviness, gas and bloating which can lead to constipation and stomach issues! Thus substitute white rice with brown rice and avoid constipation![4]

White Rice

5. Potato Chips And White Bread:

Potato chips are extremely delicious and our favorite snack for munching while we watch our favorite TV shows! But this can harm our digestive system and make us feel bloated! It can also cause constipation of consumed on a high basis! Also whole grains can improve your digestive system while white bread made which is low in nutritional value can make you feel constipated! These foods reduce the water in digestive system and can clog the system making you constipated![5]

Potato Chips And White Bread

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