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5 DIY Eyelash Growth Serum Recipes

Eye lashes are beautiful and dreamy. Don’t you love those gorgeous and stunning long ye lashes which can swoon anyone! Eye lashes are the prettiest and most stunning part of our eyes which make the eyes look terrifically beautiful. However, not all the women are blessed with long, strong and voluminous lashes. In such case, you can use the natural ingredients which can boost the lash growth and get you desirable lashes. Pout home remedies are filled with exclusive benefits which can make your lashes grow longer and shine! If you are one who is not blessed with cool and huge lashes naturally, here are some amazing remedies which would make your eyelashes beautiful and marvelous.

These Are All The Natural Serums Which Would Open Up The Hair Follicles And Would Boost Hair Growth Over The Eye Lids:

1. Castor Oil And Coconut Oil:

Castor oil is a hair growth booster which can simply work miracles on your eye lashes. Since decades, this amazing oil has been used in various skin and beauty treatments. The stunning properties of castor oil open the hair follicles and make the hair longer and stronger. For this natural serum, you would need castor oil and coconut oil. Mix these two ingredients and apply this amazing mixture with a mascara wand. You can also massage the serum with your finger tips. Apply this amazing serum before sleeping and let it work miracles on your eyes overnight!

Castor Oil And Coconut Oil

2. Castor Oil And Lavender Oil:

If you want a growth booster and stunning ingredient which can make your eye lashes look stunning and thick, you can have this amazing serum prepared from the two most amazing oils. Lavender oil is a stunning essential oil which is used in numerous ways for hair and skin treatments. The lingering fragrance and the cool impact of the oil love your skin and hair would make you swoon. Mix castor oil and lavender oil and apply this amazing growth enhancing serum on your lashes for dreamy lashes!

 Castor Oil And Lavender Oil

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3. Argan Oil Biotin:

If you want a nourishing and supreme serum which can moisturize your eye lid and can get you beautiful lashes, go for this amazing serum which is easily made. Argan oil is a growth booster which would nourish your hair follicles and get you beautiful and stunning lashes. Liquid biotin is an amazing supporting agent for hair growth. You can get some amazing argon oil and biotin and mix it. Apply it on your eye lids and let it stay for 30 minutes. You can try this amazing remedy and homemade serum daily and get flawless lashes!

Argan Oil Biotin

4. Neem Oil Sweet Almond Oil:

What can get more nourishing and amazing than the sweet almond oil? Try this delicious and stunning recipe for your eye lashes and you would simply fall in love with your gracious eyes! This is a cool and amazing mixture of ingredients which can boost hair growth naturally and get you thick and luscious lashes! Mix neem oil and almond oil and apply this magnificent serum on your lashes!

Neem Oil Sweet Almond Oil

5. Castor Oil Aloe Gel And Vitamin E Oil:

This is a perfect serum for those who have low lash growth and want adorable long lashes naturally. The castor oil enhances the growth of lashes, aloe gel would support in making the lashes look shiny, glorious and thick while vitamin e oil would strengthen and thick the lashes soon! Try this remedy and you would love this natural serum!

Castor Oil Aloe Gel And Vitamin E Oil

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