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5 Easy Home Remedies For Wrinkles

Wrinkles are unavoidable signs of skin aging and one can’t avoid wrinkles unless he/she goes under the knife, chemical peels, and lasers etc. which are quite expensive. Such expensive treatments can only lessen the appearance of wrinkles but can’t help totally avoid it. Unfortunately, as we age our skin loses its collagen, a tightening protein which is responsible for the smooth skin surface. With many other contributing factors how would you resolve your skin issues such as fine lines, sagging skin, and wrinkles? However, if you are a fan of natural remedies then you would definitely love some home remedies which work amazingly in making your skin look great. One important thing is that all these remedies are readily available in our kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Here Are The Top 5 Easy Remedies For Reducing Wrinkles

1. Banana Pack For Wrinkle-Free Skin

Banana is a super delicious fruit which is high in potassium, iron, vitamins, and minerals. So, pamper your skin with banana pulp and later your skin will thank you for your kindness. [1]

Banana Pack

How To Use

Mash one ripe banana and add one tsp. of rose water. Apply it on the face and neck and abandon for a few minutes. Wash off with tepid water. This is one such effective remedy helpful in reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Egg-White

Egg whites are loaded with protein that helps in promoting tissue repair and growth and the potassium in it helps preserve the moisture of the skin. The other minerals found in egg white help in slowing down skin aging and make your skin look young and radiant. [2]


How To Use

Mix one egg white with a tsp. of honey and a tsp. of fresh lemon juice to get all the antiseptic and antibacterial qualities of honey along with the astringent properties of lemon juice. Apply it on your skin and rinse off after it dries completely. Follow this remedy regularly for great results.

3. Castor Oil

Castor oil is an amazing humectant i.e. it attracts moisture to the skin and retains it, thus helping promote healthy skin cell rejuvenation. It is helpful in softening the skin naturally and plays a vital role in reducing the formation of wrinkles. [3]

Castor Oil

How To Use

Apply a few drops of castor oil on your skin and around the eyes before going to bed. Gently massage for a few minutes. Following this remedy could give you a healthy radiant and wrinkle-free skin.

4. Lemon And Honey

A simple and easy home remedy to keep your skin free from wrinkles is to dab your skin with a mixture of lemon and honey mixture. Honey acts as humectant whereas lemon juice has astringent properties which help in boosting the production of collagen. [4]

Lemon And Honey

How To Use

Apply a thin layer of lemon juice, honey and olive oil mixture on the skin and abandon for 10 minutes. Rinse it off and you may notice that your skin feels fresh, young, and rejuvenated. Follow this remedy once every other day for best results.

5. Cabbage Juice

Cabbage juice works great in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Cabbage juice helps in tightening the facial muscles. A few drops of honey can be added along to it to reap its moisturizing and antiseptic properties. [5]

Cabbage Juice

How To Use

Add 6tbsp of cabbage juice and one tbsp. of honey to a bowl. Apply this mixture all on your face until it gets absorbed into your skin. Allow it to dry. Follow this remedy regularly to keep your skin well moisturized and youthful.

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