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5 Easy Steps To Prepare Homemade Natural Cheek Stain


We all women love the glorious rosy cheeks with a perfectly blushy effect on the cheeks! Though the diet, the workouts and the lifestyle we follow has a great impact in building such natural cheek stains but there are some awesome ways to build a natural looking cheek stain! You can prepare a cool blush which a last long and can also make your cheeks glow as never before! If you always wanted that natural, glorious and rosy cheek stain on your cheeks which can make you look as a princess, here is a cool step by step process for preparing a stain on your lovely cheeks!

Get The Material And Ingredients And Follow These Easy Steps Which Will Lead You Towards A Fine Cheek Stain!

1. Gather The Ingredients With Beautiful Rosy Shade:

If you are looking for a dark and pinky rosy stain, you must gather the ingredients correctly. For the finest stain and for a long lasting effect, go for the ingredients which have a natural color. Foods like beetroot, roses, pomegranates etc have a bright and long lasting pink shade which will give you an adorable stain later! Thus gather the needed ingredients like beetroot and roses, raspberries etc. Also you will need the storing bottle or jar, some cotton balls and a blender.
Gather The Ingredients With Beautiful Rosy Shade

2. Mix The Ingredients And Blend In The Blender:

Here we are using some of the finest and brightest ingredients which can give a long lasting and beautiful stain on the cheeks! For this, we need half beetroot, few raspberries, few black berries, rose petals and little olive oil. Place these ingredients in the blender and blend for few minutes. Chop the beetroot in fine segments to make the juice more effective and dense. We are using olive oil to make it easily applicable on the skin. Thus with this, our mixture is ready with blending!

Mix The Ingredients And Blend In The Blender

3. Extract And Boil The Mixture:

Once you blend these ingredients, extract the juice form the blender and place it in a hating pan. If you have small heating pan, strain the mixture, and just fill your pan with the juice of the mixture. Turn the flame on and let this mixture get heated for few mites. As we have added some olive oil, beetroot juice and ingredients which lose water and get thick, we will give some time to let it settle. When the mixture loses excess water and becomes a little dense, turn the flame off.

Extract And Boil The Mixture

4. Pour And Store The Stain In A Bottle:

When you get a thick and glorious mixture, pour this mixture in a bowl and let it get on the normal room temperature. When you will touch this mixture, it will give a red bright spot on your skin which means our stain is completely ready! This little sticky and nourishing stain is such natural products which will make your skin look flawless and will also hydrate it! Pour this mixture into a small bottle and store it for few days!

Pour And Store The Stain In A Bottle

5. Use This Amazing Stain Whenever You Want To Look Naturally Gorgeous!

Whenever you want a bright and glorious stain on your cheeks to make your face look adorably gorgeous, use this amazing stain! Highlight your cheekbones with this flattering rosy dark stain and this will last very long! Using this stain will not damage your skin and the olive oil will let your skin more moisturized and hydrated! Thus, here are the easy steps for preparing the stain at home which will give you awesome results!



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