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5 Effective Home Remedies For Tonsillitis

The tonsils are two masses of tissues present at the back of the throat that obstruct germs from entering your lungs. However, these sentinels of the respiratory tract are sometimes overpowered by the germs and become swollen and infected, a condition known as tonsillitis. In addition, to pain, redness and inflammation of the infected tonsils, yellow or white spots may appear in the tonsils. The soreness of the throat is usually accompanied by chilliness, fever, headache and body ache.

Home Remedies Are Often Found To Be Effective In Providing Relief From Tonsillitis.

1. Warm Salt Water

Gargling with warm salt water helps in providing fast relief from the discomfort that occurs when the tonsils are infected. Salt water helps in disinfecting the tonsils and reducing the swelling. Dissolve a teaspoon of salt in half a liter of water and gargle with the warm saline water every three hours until the symptoms subside.[1]

Warm Salt Water

2. Turmeric

The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of ginger help in providing relief from the pain and swelling of the infected tonsils. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric with a cup of hot milk and boil for about three minutes. Add a teaspoon of honey to the turmeric and milk mixture and drink it.[2]


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3. Lime

Lime juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps in strengthening the immune system. A strong immune system can easily combat and destroy the germs, thereby providing fast relief from the tonsil infection. Furthermore, the astringent property of lime helps in reducing the swelling of the tonsils. Extract the juice of a lime and mix it with a glass of warm water. Add four teaspoons of honey and a pinch of salt and mix well. Sip slowly.[3]


4. Raw Vegetable Juice

Raw vegetable juice is rich in nutrients that help in fighting the germs and assist in recovery. Furthermore, the vegetable juice hydrates the throat, thereby helping in reducing the soreness and discomfort. A combination of carrot, cucumber and beet juices is best suited for tonsillitis patients. Blend 150 ml carrot juice with 50 ml each of cucumber and beet juice and sip slowly.[4]

Raw Vegetable Juice

5. Ginger

The anti-inflammatory property of ginger helps in reducing constriction of the throat associated with tonsillitis. Sip a cup of warm ginger tea for fast relief from the tonsil pain and swelling. You can also drink ginger juice or ale to reduce the discomfort and soreness of the throat.[5]



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