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5 Effectual Natural remedies For Polyps


Polyps are the common causes when the natural nasal cavities experience an extra growth and can result into a jelly like substance. People suffering from cold, cough and such common issues can get polyps. This is generally observed when you are facing the issues like cold, cough, blockages in the nasal cavities, pain and inflammation in the nose. All your respiratory organs get affected with bacteria which can result into polyps. This is however a common issue which can get eliminated with few home remedies.

If you do not want to go for medications and want to treat polyps naturally, here are same home remedies which you can try. This consists of all the home based ingredients which you can easily get form your kitchen and use for fighting this issue!

5 Effectual Natural Remedies For Polyps:

1. Castor Oil:

Castor oil is considered as one of the best agent that can fight against infections and allergens in the body.  Consuming one table spoon of castor oil daily in the morning can help in reducing the symptoms and size of polyps. Castor oil has got numerous skin and hair benefits as well. It is also used to enhance the complexion and for the growth of the hair effectively [1].

 Castor Oil

2. Onions And Garlic:

Garlic and onions are filled with some essential ingredients which can simply battle polyps and make you free form inflammation, pain and blockages in your nose. You can chew some onions or garlic cloves raw which will work magically on your nasal cavity. These are also the anti bacterial and anti septic ingredients which can treat different infections and bacteria quickly!Thus, consume some raw onions and garlic cloves to get you rid of the polyps soon![2]

Onions And Garlic

3. Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Vitamin c rich foods like oranges, lemons and berries are extremely rich with citrus and will also help in fighting bacteria. The bacteria are the common causes of polyps which can quickly battle infections. Citrus and vitamin C are the best nutrients which can banish the bacteria and get you free from such issues.

Thus, if you are suffering from polyps, consume orange juice, lemon juice to open up your nasals cavity and fight all the bacteria! This will simply work miracles for your respiratory system and will also open up your nose ![3]

4. Apple Cider Vinegar Steaming:

Steaming is considered as one of the amazing remedies for opening the nasal cavity and to fight infections. Polyps are a common condition in which your nose gets blocked and thus this amazing remedy will cleanse your nose naturally! Apple cider vinegar is an ingredient which can cleanse your body, fight bacteria, infections, blockages and such issues and thus is used for cleansing your nose.

The nasal cavity is jammed due to polyps and can open up quickly if you use apple cider vinegar with water for steaming. This is a magical remedy you must try once! [4]

5. Tea Tree Oil:

Tea tree oil is an awesome ingredient and the best of essential oils which can work magically on your polyps and painful nose. Tea tree oil is an anti bacterial and anti septic ingredient which can fight nasal infections, bacteria and such issues.

If you are suffering from jammed polyps and inflammation in your nose, add some drops of tea tree oil in the opening of your nose and fight polyps soon! [5]

Try the above mentioned remedies and see the difference in few. If the condition still persists then an immediate consultation with a physician is required.


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