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5 Home Remedies For Handling Ulcerative Colitis

Inflammation of colon can be referred to as colitis. Prolonged inflammation and irritation to the sensitive membrane that is lined on colon walls leads to this problem. As a result, ulcers are formed on the walls of colon. Urged bowel movements, abdominal cramps, bloody and mucus stools are the symptoms of this health problem. Disease spreads from lower parts to upwards. During this process, vomiting, nausea, weakness, poor appetite, anemia and weakness are noticed. Patient suffers from malnutrition. Usage of purgatives and chronic constipation are few of the factors that lead to ulcerative colitis. Beneficially, few effective home remedies help to manage colitis in a safer manner.

Here Are 5 Home Remedies For Handling Ulcerative Colitis:

1. Banana

Bananas are highly helpful in giving you a great relief from colitis. Bananas are natural laxatives. This amazing fruit can be digested very easily. [1]You need to consume at least one or two ripe bananas for managing ulcerative colitis. Acute symptoms can be relieved with the consumption of banana and thus process of healing can be improved.


2. Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a natural and helpful remedy for fighting ulcerative colitis. All you have to do is to consume buttermilk on daily basis. [2]Buttermilk helps to soothe and reduce the severity of the symptoms caused by colitis. Abdominal cramps are allayed to a greater extent with this buttermilk technique.


3. Tender Coconut

Tender coconut is said to be beneficial in relieving you from the discomforts caused by ulcerative colitis. Regular consumption of tender coconut helps in softening the mucosa of colon. [3]As a result, you are assured with some sort of relaxation.

tender coconut

4. Apples

You can get great relief by consuming steamed apples. Apple is a wonder fruit that is very rich in various healing properties. [4]By consuming steamed apples, you can get rid of bothersome and annoying symptoms of ulcerative colitis.


5. Rice

Rice is low in fiber. Therefore, this is an amazing food for soothing colitis. Rice gruel when mixed with one ripe banana and one glass of buttermilk is very effective remedy for managing colitis. [5]This remedy is nutritious and helps in nourishing the patient’s body.


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