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5 Home Remedies For Mumps

Mumps is a contagious virus infection which occurs mostly in children and teenagers, though adults can also suffer from this. Once caught up with this infection, a person’s salivary glands swells up, whereby leading to intense pain and making it hard for a person to eat or speak. This virus usually spreads through coughing and sneezing from an infected person. Though its symptoms don’t appear very soon, but if you get to feel a headache, high fever, fatigue, sore ears or a loss in appetite, then here are the following home remedies which you should take into consideration so as to curb the infection, before it takes its toll on you:

Here Are 5 Home Remedies For Mumps

1. Ginger

With its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties, ginger provides enough help in getting rid from this infection. For its use, one needs to dry the roots of ginger and powder it, so as to make a paste of it later by mixing the ginger powder with water. Apply this paste over your cheeks, jaw line or affected areas, twice a day, for over a week, and you will find a much required relief to your pain [1].

Ginger paste

2. Aloe Vera

Another effective way to treat mumps is by using aloe vera. Just pluck a aloe vera stem from its plant and extract its gel. Now add some turmeric to the gel and rub it over the swollen areas(let it be there for over half an hour before you clean it). Repeat this method twice a day. You may also consider consuming this gel if you are not diabetic [2].

aloe vera gel

3. Brown Rice Water

As brown rice is rich in starch, so here in order to heal the mumps, you can consume the rice water. Take two cups of water and boil a cup of brown rice with it. Filter away the water from rice and you have another solution for your mumps [3].

Brown Rice Water

4. Potatoes With Pepper

Boil the required amount of potatoes as per your consumption and mash them. Now sprinkle some pepper over it and consume. here the anti-oxidant and analgesic properties of this mixture would heal your mumps in a better way [4].

Potatoes With Pepper

5. Boiled Water

One of the simplest and effective ways to control mumps is by consuming the boiled water. Obviously, consume the water when it is a little below the boiling temperature [5].

Boiled Water

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