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5 Home Remedies For Necrotizing Fasciitis


Necrotizing fasciitis is a condition or bacteria caused by infections fro surgeries, from wounds and other causes. The general causes of this infection are the cuts and deep wounds on the skin, punctures, insect or bug bites etc. This is generally called and caused by the flesh eating bacteria’s which would get your wounds or surgical sites more painful and infectious. This condition is extremely painful and patients are relieved in the clinics for this infection. However there are some home remedies through which you can take care of the infection at home. These herbal solutions would get you rid of these bacteria gradually with time.

5 Home Remedies For Necrotizing Fasciitis

1. Turmeric

Turmeric can act as a herbal solution for the necrotizing fasciitis. This condition of infection is caused by the flesh eating bacteria which can damage your tissues. The herb turmeric has the ability to fight these bacteria and flush them out of your body. It has several antibacterial and antifungal properties which make it widely preferred for issues and infections like these. Apply turmeric on the infected skin and wrap it up with a plastic cover or bag. Also you can apply warm compressions to make this remedy more effective.


2. Pascalaite

Pascalaite is a type of clay extracted from the mountains which works wonder in fighting with the flesh eating bugs and bacteria. This amazing powder would fight all the germs and would provide you relief in the pain and suffering of the necrotizes fasciitis. Apply the Pascalaite powder n the infected ski, wrap with a plastic bag and then let it settle. Gradually, you would recover from the wound and the pain of this problem.


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3. Oregano Oil

Wondering how the oregano oil can work on this infection? This herb has some unknown and amazing healing properties which would fight the infection and bugs. It can be used as an antiseptic to fight such issues and can give amazing results. Apply this amazing oil on the wounds and it would start fighting with the bacteria and kill all the germs which degrade your body. Apply this miraculous oil on the wound, cuts or the infected area and get started with the healing process. This process and remedy would soon give you amazing results and your infection would get healed completely.

 Oregano Oil

4. Amazing Olive Leafs

The olives have amazing healing and reliving properties which makes it stand on this list. The extracts from the leaves of olive are amazingly beneficial to fight such bacteria and problems. If you are facing the trouble of the flesh eating bugs. Apply the crush and juice of the olive leaves and slowly you would recover from the wounds of this infection. Regular application of the extracts of olive leaves would significantly show the results within some time and would completely heal the wounds and would eliminate the pain and burning sensation of the bacteria.

 Olive Leafs

5. Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is widely used for relieving various skin impairments and issues and for the necrotizing fasciitis also, this tree works amazingly. The healing and wound repairing properties of this amazing ingredient are extra ordinary and would work wonders on your skin. Apply tea tree oil on the wounds or in the infected area and within few applications your wounds and infections would start getting healed. Teat tree oil is a natural and herbal element which certainly kills the bacteria which harm the skin and body and thus provides a very effective solution for this infection too.

Tea Tree Oil


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