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5 Home Remedies To Banish Acne And Sun Scars From Neck And Arms


Scarring due to sun exposure and acne is a very common issue faced by all. And the neck and arms are as prone to scarring as the face and back is. The sun induced bumps are reddish and they leave behind brown scars. And the sweat induced acne bumps leave black scars behind. Sometimes the skin looks more patchy, chapped and inflamed than expected, because of scratching. If you too are suffering from those beauty breakers that are pulling you back from flaunting your beautiful neckline and statement sleeves, you must have a look at our 5 home remedies that will not just reduce the side effects of scarring like inflammation and patches, but will banish their existence and bestow you with fairer and spotless neck and arms.

1. Ginger And Cucumber:

Grind ginger flakes and cucumber slices to form a watery paste. Scrub your neck and arms and top them up with the paste. Let it pamper your neck and arms for 30 to 40 minutes. Do not soap, just rinse with cold water. Reapply every 4 hours for a month.

Cucumber increases the hydration content of the heat shrivelled and dehydrated chapped cells. This reduces sun induced inflammation, since the paste offers splashing cooling effect. Gingerol, bundled in ginger naturally, destroys sun induced free radicals and bleaches brown sunspots. It also kills sweat inflicted germs and reduces the size of inflamed bumps and banish black patches.

Ginger And Cucumber

2. Aloe Vera And Organic Turmeric:

Grind aloe vera stem and organic turmeric root in a mixer to form thick paste. You can add a little water to reduce the thickness though. Apply the paste on top of neck and arm spots after refrigerating it for 1 hour. Wash with cold water. Rub ice and moisturize immediately.

This home remedy especially targets people dealing with brown sun induced scars due to UV encroachment. Aloe vera, a solo source of water coupled with antioxidants and vitamins reduce sun inflammation and nourishes the inflamed patchy neck and arms. Organic turmeric reduces the accumulation of free radicals while restoring the pH level. This not just removes sun scarring, but also tops up the epidermis with a layer of new plump cells.

Aloe Vera And Organic Turmeric

3. Sandalwood And Mint Oil:

Mix sandalwood powder and mint oil in equal proportions. Stir till the lumps dissolve. Apply on cleansed neck and arms. Rinse with tap water after 40 minutes. Use it every alternate day.

Mint oil, with the antioxidants it is bestowed with, reverse sun damage and cools down inflammation. It controls sweat formation and reduces the frequency of zits and pimples. And sandalwood banishes scars and makes the skin fairer and spotless.

Sandalwood And Mint Oil

4. Lemon Juice And Papaya:

Do not use this paste if your skin is sensitive and flared with active acne, not just marks. Grind papaya to form paste. Add half teaspoon lemon juice to the papaya mash and apply on neck and arms. Wash with cold water after 30 minutes. Use every alternate night.

Papaya is filled with papain. Papain seeps within skin pores and removes trapped dirt. This reduces spots and scarring. Lemon juice simply clears the skin complexion off black and brown scars and sun spots. It also removes sun tan.

Lemon Juice And Papaya
5. Tomato, Raw Milk Cream And Oatmeal:

Mix equal proportions of tomato puree and mashed boiled oatmeal with raw milk cream to form semi liquid paste. Apply on neck and arms. Wash after 30 minutes with tap water. It is ideal to be used daily for dry, sensitive and chapped skin types.

Enzyme Lycopene from tomato reduces sweat and sun inflicted zits. It seeps within skin layers and fuels the manufacturing of spotless cells. Lactic acid from raw milk cream starts fading superficial scars. And oatmeal balances pH level and keeps the neck skin from sagging.

Tomato, Raw Milk Cream And Oatmeal
The above listed 5 home remedies can reform your neck and arms to twin the sheen of your spotless face. Also, they can, layer by layer, erase darkness from joints.


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