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5 Homemade Cinnamon Face Packs For Healthy, Glowing skin

Cinnamon is being used since ages for its medicinal and therapeutic properties, especially in Ayurvedic and Chinese proprietary medicines. Cinnamon has a warm fragrance and mild sweet taste due to which it is extensively being used as an aromatic and culinary spice or herb throughout the world. Cinnamon essential oil prepared from it, is also used for its therapeutic values. The tender bark of the tree which has a slight oily texture is predominantly used. It is enriched with essential components that are beneficial for the skin and health like iron, calcium, dietary fiber and

Apart from its immense health benefits like cancer, indigestion and flu fighting properties, it has several skin benefits. It is antimicrobial, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial in nature. Due to its skin-exfoliating properties, it helps in removing the dry and dead cells from the surface of the skin and improves the circulation of blood and flow of oxygen to the skin. This makes the skin healthy and glowing. Cinnamon has skin lightening properties and helps in restoring skin complexion. Applying cinnamon on the skin helps in avoiding skin infections, skin damage, acne and pimples caused due to excess oil, germs and free radicals. However, if you have a sensitive skin, you should avoid using it on your face. We have listed some cinnamon based face packs and masks that are effective for various skin ailments:

1. Cinnamon And Honey Face Pack For Acne:

Using honey is a natural and holistic way of reducing acne from the skin. Honey contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties. Honey helps in fighting the germ called Propionibacterium acnes that cause acne and pimples. Being a natural cleanser and detoxifier, it penetrates deep into the skin layers and removes the germs and extra oil present in the skin pores.


One tablespoon of honey (preferably organic).
1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon powder

Mix both the ingredients and apply on the face with the help of a spatula or your finger tips. Allow it to stay on the skin for about 15 to 20 minutes and then wash off thoroughly with water. The face pack is effective in imparting glow and radiance to the skin and makes it acne and pimple free.

Cinnamon And Honey Face Pack For Acne

2. Cinnamon And Nutmeg Face Pack For Oily Skin:

Nutmeg contains natural astringent properties which are effective on acne prone skin, especially when it is caused due to hormonal imbalance. It helps in maintaining the natural oil balance of the skin and also helps in exfoliation.


2 to 3 nutmegs
2 to 3 cinnamon barks (approximately 1 inch long)

Crush the nutmegs in a pepper mill or grind them. Also grind the cinnamon barks to form a power. Mix the two and add a little water to form a thick, coarse paste. Apply it on the skin and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. If you want to exfoliate your skin, you may gently scrub it with the help of your finger tips. Rinse off with water and gently pat it dry with a towel. It helps in reducing any infection and removes extra oil from the skin pores.

Cinnamon And Nutmeg Face Pack For Oily Skin

3. Cinnamon And Papaya Face Pack For Glowing Skin:

Papaya is known for its health and beauty benefits. It is enriched with potassium which helps in hydrating the skin and reducing skin dryness. The vitamin C as well as C present in papaya is strong antioxidants which help in safeguarding the skin against damages caused by free radicals and defying age. It also has skin lightening properties that help in improving the skin complexion and reducing spots and blemishes.


1 tablespoon papaya pulp
1/4 tablespoon cinnamon powder

Mix the two ingredients and apply it evenly on the face. Leave it on the skin for about 20 minutes and then wash off with water. Regular use of this face pack imparts radiance and glow and at the same time, reduces skin damage and acne.

Cinnamon And Papaya Face Pack For Glowing Skin

4. Cinnamon And Egg White Face Mask For Skin Tightening:

Egg white is quite effective in face-lifting through skin tightening. With regular use, an egg white face mask helps in improving the skin texture and firming up the loose and sagging skin on your face. Cinnamon helps in collagen boosting.


Egg whites of 2 eggs
1/4 tablespoon cinnamon powder

Beat the egg whites with the help of a hand blender add the cinnamon powder to it. Now apply it on the face and allow it to stay until it becomes completely dry. Wash off thoroughly with water and pat dry.

Cinnamon And Egg White Face Mask For Skin Tightening

5. Cinnamon, Gram Flour  And Rice Powder Face Pack For Exfoliation:

Both gram flour and rice flour have excellent exfoliation properties. Scrubbing with these two ingredients help in removing dead skin cells and keep the skin more receptive to various skin care products and remedies. Moreover, they help in deep pore cleansing and help in skin lightening.


1/2 tablespoon gram flour
1/2 tablespoon rice powder
1/4 tablespoon cinnamon powder

Mix all the three ingredients and add a little water to form a thick, consistent paste. Apply the mixture on the face and leave it for 5 to 6 minutes. Now gently it with your finger tips in circular motion in clock-wise as well as in the reverse motion.

Cinnamon, Gram Flour  And Rice Powder Face Pack For Exfoliation

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