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5 Simple Remedies To Get Rid Of Forehead Acne Caused Due To Dandruff


Do you think dandruff only gives you the dry scalp, itchiness and those white flakes? Forget about other side effects on the hair . Here we are talking about the skin. If you have dandruff then it tends to fall on your face specially on your forehead and if you have an oily t zone then these dandruff flakes along with sebum forms acne on forehead.

These forehead acne are different than those regular acne. The first and foremost step to get rid of these forehead acne is to control the dandruff. Make sure you keep your scalp healthy and use a good anti dandruff shampoo to keep those flakes at bay. Now coming to the remedies part for the existing acne. Here you do not need to buy any ointment or creams to reduce those acne.

You can use some simple homemade methods to diminish those forehead acne.We are listing below few.

1. Oatmeal And Cocoa Powder:

This is a scrub cum mask recipe which you can use to get rid of forehead acne. Most of us are familiar with the goodness of Oatmeal and Cocoa Powder for our skin. The anti inflammatory and anti oxidant properties of both the ingredients are great when it comes to diminishing the forehead acne. Lets head to the recipe without wasting the time.

Just gather a tablespoon of Oatmeal Powder, a teaspoon of honey, a teaspoon of milk cream and a teaspoon of cocoa powder. When you mix these ingredients you should get a coarse paste which should be used as a scrub and as well as a face mask. So exfoliate your skin with this scrub once a week to reduce those forehead acne.

Oatmeal And Cocoa Powder

2. Massage with Almond Oil:

This remedy works for the roots cause of forehead acne and the acne bumps as well. The dry and itchy scalp is the root cause of dandruff. Nourish your scalp with Vitamin e enriched Almond oil to keep it nourished and free from dandruff. Use a drop of almond oil to massage the forehead area gently before going to the bed daily to reduce the intensity of acne. The fatty acids of almond oil works wonder to dissolve the sebum clogged in the pores and reduce the acne.

Massage with Almond Oil

3. Diminish Acne With Aloe Vera:

This one is also a home remedy which targets the dandruff as well as the forehead acne. The hydrating and moisturizing properties work great to soothe your itchy scalp and keep it moisturized to reduce the dandruff while the anti inflammatory and soothing properties of Aloe vera reduce the inflammation and redness of acne.

If you have an aloe vera plant at home then just scoop out the fresh aloe vera gel from its leaf or you get the ready to use as well. Massage it on your scalp and and your acne as well every night to get a quick relief.

 Diminish Acne With Aloe Vera

4. Soothing Coconut Oil:

You have been using it to moisturize and condition your hair. But this popular natural oil works like magic on dandruff and on the forehead acne too. The fatty acids of Coconut oil are known to hydrate the dry scalp and reduce the itching.

How coconut oil reduce the forehead acne ? Thanks to the Lauric acid contained in the Coconut Oil . This acid helps to destroy the bacteria in the pores and reduce its swelling. The method is pretty simple too. Just massage the pure coconut oil on your scalp and on the acne regularly.

Soothing Coconut Oil

5. Anti Bacterial Yogurt:

This the mask recipe which can be used on your face as well on your hair to control the dandruff. We just love such recipes which give us multiple benefits and saves our time as well. You just need to grab a tablespoon of fresh yogurt and few drops of lemon juice from your refrigerator. These two ingredients make your face as well as hair mask.

Use it on your scalp as well as on the forehead. The deep conditioning properties reduces the dandruff flakes with regular usage while the anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties work on the forehead acne to reduce them.

Anti Bacterial Yogurt



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