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5 Ways To Use Holy Basil For Clear Skin

Beauty and medicinal uses of holy basil are widely popular. In fact, holy basil as a cosmetic is in use since ages. In addition to various therapeutic properties, holy basil is loaded with innumerable cosmetic properties. Skin tone can be lightened with regular application of holy basil. This is the main reason why many women include this wonderful product in beauty regime. Also, sensitive skin can be well managed with the help of this amazing ayurvedic product.

Here Are 5 Ways To Use Holy Basil For Clear Skin:

1. Holy Basil And Milk Powder

This face pack is very effective in removing impurities from your facial skin. For preparing this face pack, you need to make paste of holy basil leaves by adding appropriate water. Once done, you should be adding milk powder to ensure the consistency is in medium level. One teaspoon of milk powder serves the purpose. Apply the paste on your face. Leave it for at least twenty minutes. Wash off with clear water. Apply this face pack for at least twice in a week for best results.

Holy basil and Milk Powder

2. Holy Basil With Rose Water And Sandalwood

This is an amazing face pack with full of skin-friendly properties. For this pack you need one teaspoon of powdered sandalwood, seven Indian Lilac leaves, ten holy basil Leaves and a spoon of rosewater. Make smooth paste of holy basil and Indian Lilac leaves. Add powdered sandalwood and rosewater to the formed paste. Mix well and spread the mixture on your face. Let it sit for twenty minutes. This face pack is very helpful in soothing the irritated skin. If you use this pack for two times a week, you can notice best results.

Holy basil with Rose Water and Sandalwood

3. Holy Basil And Yoghurt

This is simple and powerful face pack. During winters, your skin is prone to dryness. You can easily get rid of dry skin problem with this face pack. Make paste of holy basil leaves. Add some quantity of yogurt. Mix well. Now, start applying the face pack on to your face. Let the solution sit on your face for at least twenty minutes. This face pack helps in making your skin nourished and supple.

Holy basil and Yoghurt

4. Fuller’s Earth And Holy Basil

Oily skin is very difficult to manage. Various skin problems are attracted towards oily skin. Fortunately, this face pack is very helpful to manage oily skin. Take few holy basil leaves. Grind them and make paste. For diluting the paste, you can make use of clear water or rose water. Once done, add some amount of fuller’s earth to the paste. Now, apply the face pack on to your face. Allow the pack to sit on face for twenty minutes. If you apply this pack, two times a week helps to manage the problems of oily skin.

Fuller’s Earth and Holy basil

5. Tomato And Holy Basil

This is another simple face pack that helps in managing the removal of pimple scars and marks. For preparing this face pack, you need tomato pulp and ten holy basil leaves. Prepare smooth paste of holy basil leaves and add tomato pulp to the paste. Mix well and apply the pack on your face. Wash off with the help of cold water. Thus, holy basil occupies an important place in the beauty regime of many women. These are various best ways to get the best result from the usage of holy basil for clear and perfect skin. Have you already tried these ways? If yes, please share your valuable comments.

Tomato and Holy basil

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